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Producing an entertainment website for teenagers.

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Usman Khan Practical Production Commentary Evaluation Media studies Planning Our task was to design a website for a chosen target audience. My aim was to produce an entertainment website for teenagers. The reason why I choose to have teenagers as my target audience is mainly because I am a teenager myself so I would understand what code and conventions to have in my website. The research that was needed was: > What categories to have on the website > What colour scheme people like best > The name of the site To make the research successful I made a survey for the audience to fill out, we choose only to hand the survey out to people around our age group. I choose to hand out the survey to 20 people. The survey also had to stand out and look professional so that people refuse to do the survey. ...read more.


Once all our research was done we had to split the roles in the production of the website. My partner was assigned to collect information on the sports page; he only did this because it was such a huge task. I had to build the website which includes building the homepage and build a page for the other categories. I had to collect information for the games page. and music page. Execution The software that I used was macromedia Flash, to use Flash I had to use action script. First I collected the information for the music and games page, I collected it from the official Playstation website; before I took anything from the website I had to ask for permission. I sent them an e-mail to them asking them whether I could use their information. Next I started to make the background of the website and the navigation. I used the information that I collected to make the background. ...read more.


The problem which took the longest to solve was what software to use to make the website. I tried Word but that was too simple and didn't have enough components, Macromedia Dream weaver was too complicated so I came to use Flash which I thought was easy to use and had a lot of special effects. The good point about my sight was that it looked good. This helped to grab attention and not make it look boring. Another good point for this website is that it had good special effects which again made it interesting. The bad points about the site are that it doesn't have enough pictures and I think that could have improved the music page a lot. There are good special effects but the lack of does make it a bit plain. I think that this website has met its target, to be a high-class entertaining website for teenagers. * 2 3 USMAN KHAN PRACTICAL PODUCTION COMMENTRY EVALUATION 1 USMAN KHAN PRACTICAL PODUCTION COMMENTRY EVALUATION 2 3 USMAN KHAN PRACTICAL PODUCTION COMMENTRY EVALUATION 2 ...read more.

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