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production commentary

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Production Commentary For my A2 assignment I planned to produce a two-part drama text for the television medium. I used Panasonic domestic camcorders to film the footage and Adobe Premier 6.5 digital editing software to edit the footage. For my AS coursework I produced the opening sequence of a new thriller film in the medium of film, I used the same technology for both years. Originally we planned to film the trailer of a comedy, but realised that the market was flowing with them with shows like 'Gavin and Stacey', 'Little Brittan' 'My Family' etc. ...read more.


In light of the recent popularity of the musical genre (High School Musical), we felt that we would succeed with this theme because we have all watched and researched this genre ourselves. Also we thought it would be popular to bring in elements from the hit reality shows like Big Brother and X-factor and elements of Friends and Beverly Hills as they were extremely popular with our targeted audience and so would appeal immediately. I believe it's something original and we hoped to fill a gap in the market as there is not currently a television drama with this theme. ...read more.


Additionally audiences usually return home from work/school by that time, have often eaten, and are ready to sit down in front of the television. We chose Channel 4 as it seemed to be very popular with younger audiences because of soaps like 'Hollyoaks' and dramas like 'Skins', so it was an obvious choice. When we finally placed our basic narrative into a storyboard, we all felt it was something that would be very popular if we constructed it and researched it enough. I personally, and other group members, watched a number of 'X factor' auditions, as it was very similar to the audition that 'Steph' (lead character) would have to undergo and try and to give as ideas as to what happens in a audition, for us to create a sense of realism. ...read more.

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