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Production Report For my media studies project, I have designed and produced a series of Sunday Supplement for a broadsheet newspaper called the Daily Star.

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Production Report For my media studies project, I have designed and produced a series of Sunday Supplement for a broadsheet newspaper called the Daily Star. This Sunday Supplement is of the same style of those used in other similar newspapers and magazines. This media project has called upon my knowledge in a vast number of ways and producing the final draft of my product has proved to be a long, hard piece of work. However I believe that the method I approached my work with was a good one, I set myself a plan of action in my brief as soon as the project task was allocated to us. This project is aimed at a target audience of both males and female. The age of my target audience is from 12 years old and above. I have chosen the film Die Another Day as the cover page, as this film was about to hit the cinemas during the time I was producing my magazine. ...read more.


The knowledge of audience reaction and genre for this project will be vital to its success. To make my Sunday Supplement in an effective way I have used a vast amount of technology and I had to be able to do this in an effective way to avoid the Magazine looking unrealistic or unprofessional. Below is a comprehensive list of the computer programs and technology that I have used to create this Sunday Supplement, beside them is an explanation of the problems I encountered and/or overcame. Internet- I used the Internet to get ideas and to view various Newspaper websites such as Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Mirror, etc to help me to gain a clear understanding of a Sunday supplement. To explore the Internet I used Microsoft Internet Explorer and Blueyonder broadband internet. I have access to Internet from both school and home which also helped me enormously. ...read more.


Firstly, I used some of the effects provided on Photopaint, which helped with basic morphing. Secondly, for more complex effects, I used Microsoft Picture it! Publishing 2001, which proved extremely useful for background effects that would not have been possible otherwise. Yet Coral is an extremely complicated program and I found it very hard to perform some relatively simple techniques, such as cutting an object out. Printing-I faced certain problems when I came to the printing stage of the Sunday Supplement. After I printed out the first few pages, I noticed there was a white border on the pages and I was told to print all the pages without it. This I found particularly hard as I did not know how to change the format of the print properties. Fortunately, some of my school teachers helped me to overcome this problem. To print my final drafts of my posters I used an Epson Stylus 600 printer to create a detailed effect and get as professional a finish to my Sunday Supplement as possible. ...read more.

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