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Production Report - Magazine

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Production Report Emma-Jane Wright 12jow The Brief & Research into Similar Media Texts/Target Audiences My brief was: Print; Pages of a new, teenage magazine aimed at an audience of either or both sexes within the range 13 to 19 year olds, as follows: The front cover and at least one double page spread from the magazine. A minimum of three original images. As part of the coursework it was essential to carry out research into existing magazines and research into my chosen audience. It was decided that the target audience I would be working to please, was 18 to 19 year old girls, I chose to work with this age range because it would give me a chance to produce a more sophisticated magazine, suiting people of a high intelligence and maturity. I had to know as much as I could about this age range so I had to look into what these sorts of girls would be interested in. To do this it was decided that I had to look at existing products targeting the same age range and audience to see what sort of stories and pictures they contain. ...read more.


As well as the masthead I used different text in ways that real magazines use it, for example I have written little subheadings telling the audience what sort of information is inside the magazine, I have done this mainly because this is what entices the audience to but the magazine which is the whole reason for making it. While doing research into magazines I discovered that there always seems to be a subheading on a front cover telling the audience that there is a real life story inside, therefore I have done this in the form of "My friends rejected me because I am gay" this is a connotation of a magazine. I have done this because these are the sort of things that my target audience is interested in, things like this are becoming more and more common and 18/19 year olds like to hear about it. I included smaller less obvious codes and conventions like a bar code, issue date, price, website etc because again they are connotations of magazines and information the reader or seller needs to have. There were certain revisions and technical decisions I did to overcome certain problems, for example the main image; I changed the size of it several times so I could fit other subheadings while having it still fit together and look correct. ...read more.


Also the stories and pages I have made could actually be but in a real magazine, meaning that my best dressed celebrities double page spread could infect be in a real magazine. Of course there is always improvement that could have been made to make my magazine look a bit more realistic, one being that of the main image on the front cover. You can see that it has been cropped because of the hazy uneven line surrounding it, I think this was mostly due to the sharpness of the photo, because I can recall when taking the photo the subject was in motion and the digital camera I used was not capable of capturing this sort of image, and that is why I cannot get rid of the uneven line. I could have corrected this if I went back and retook the photo. I think the magazine that I have crated has been a success because I feel that it would infect target the audience of 18-19 year olds. It would do this because I have included all the necessary codes and conventions to make it appeal to the targeted audience eg. the images, good use of exciting colours, stimulating text etc. ...read more.

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