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Professional Development Day

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On the 7th of November a Journalist who works for the Guardian and a worker for B3 Media talked about what's it like in the media, came into Leyton Sixth Form college giving; advice on how to join the media, the best ways to get into the media, what to do at the time and how hard the media business is. Dom Oliver Don Oliver works for a company called B3 Media that supports and gives advice for people who wish to join into the media industry B3 Media makes connections: between Britain's multicultural communities and its creative industries by uniting the power of digital media with the creative potential of emerging digital artists, film makers, visual artists and sound artists. Dom talked about how we should approach the media world and also what would benefit us the most. After talking about her history she then asked us if we wanted to ask her any questions about the media. How do you get into the media world? "Whether you hope to get into T.V, Radio, Publishing, Advertising and Journalism then you must begin your career planning early. In your first or second year get relevant practical skills such as; writing for Inquire, your local newspaper or your local radio station. ...read more.


What qualifications do you need to become a journalist? "To become a journalist I believe you must have; a lively interest in people, places and events an ability to write in a style which is easy to understand. It's very important as well that you have; good spelling, grammar and punctuation, but the most important factor to become a journalist is to be able to work under pressure to meet deadlines and to work late at night. How do you get your own primary research done? "To get my own primary research I usually have interviews depending on the situation such as I had to write a review on a new realised book called "The islamist" written by Ed Husain whose real name is Mohammed Mahbub Hussain. The book is a biography about the life of Mohammed and how rejected fundamentalist teaching and returned to normal life after much emotional turmoil. To start my primary research I first had to read the book to help me decide what kind of questions I should ask for the interview. Then to finish my primary research I had to do the interview with Mohammed Mahbub." Which target audience do you most prefer to write for? ...read more.


"It was very interesting how you straight away said that you're more organised, you meet deadlines which is a very important in working the magazines publisher and not only that but in the media world, your passion is to write which is a big thumbs up and you topped it off by saying it drives you to getting your deadlines in and most importantly you never feel to hand in low standard work. This is really good way to make yourself stand out and you saying you use to be in the ACT really show me you're serious about the job offer." 2. How is your organisation skill? "It was very good that you talked about how you use to be in a the ACT and that it helped you become more organised in your working school life and also even in your social life so it shows that you are very organised." 3. Has there ever been a time that health and safety was an issue? "Health and safety questions likes these will always come up in any interview and giving that answer to this question makes you really stand out making you look like you're up for any job that the publisher frows at you making you look capable and also reliable for this job offer." ?? ?? ?? ?? Professional Development Day ...read more.

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