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Promotional materials and techniques used by Duxford Air Museum.

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Promotional materials and techniques used by Duxford Air Museum Promotional techniques are the methods used by Duxford to tell customers about its products and services and to persuade them to go there. They include advertising, direct marketing, public relations, displays, sponsorship, demonstrations and sales promotions. Promotional materials are the actual pieces of information that the customer sees, hears or reads. They include: * Advertisements * Brochures and leaflets * Merchandising materials * Press releases and Internet sites. Advertising Advertising is paying to tell potential customers about Duxford, to make people aware of what they have to offer. Duxford is advertised by: * Posters on billboards * Media - newspapers, magazines, trade press (advertisements just for the tourist industry) ...read more.


Duxford needs to produce new leaflets every year to tell people about new activities happening at Duxford, such as the American Air Museum in 2000. Leaflets are free for visitors at the museum, they get sent to tourist information centres, hotels, schools, other Imperial War Museums, tour operators, coach companies and flying clubs. Different amounts of leaflets are sent to each place. Direct Marketing Direct marketing is targeting people individually. Duxford use the names and addresses of people who have visited them before and send them information of upcoming events at Duxford. Duxford only targets Americans that have sponsored them because of the American Air Museum. Public Relations Public relations are when an organisation has a good story about them in the newspaper, on the radio or on TV. ...read more.


Film companies will also pay to use Duxford. * Word of mouth - people who have visited Duxford tell other people about their visit, Duxfpord will try and make sure they have a good time so that it is good things they will be telling their friends and family. * To create good Public Relations they let local people n free of charge, they offer a free bus from Cambridge and Blue Peter badge winners can also gain free entry. Displays Posters - the main form of display, most posters are just outside the museum and in the entrance, at tourist information centres, at the other museums that are part of the Imperial War Museum Group. They put posters on the London underground as lots of tourists use the underground and see the posters. ...read more.

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