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Provide an analysis of the front page of both tabloid and broadsheet newspapers compare in detail the two newspapers.

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Lewis Rowe Provide an analysis of the front page of both tabloid and broadsheet newspapers compare in detail the two newspapers. Media surrounds us with all different types of texts and images; in this day and age it is hard to escape the constant bombardment that engulfs the human mind. The different types of media such as, advertisements, newspapers, T.V etc, are specifically designed to invigorate the every day working class. Media is powerful and purposeful, a very good way in which media is useful is when subjects are blatantly pathetic, something ridiculous like what hair style David Beckham has, or who has started smoking, they pick on a subject and write about it when it is not relevant, these types of newspapers usually are right wing and do this as they have nothing better to write about. It is intrinsic for the normal working people to enjoy these right wing newspapers as they entertain and intoxicate. A typical type of media is newspapers, you have left wing and right wing, right wing is designed merely to entertain the liberal people of Britain - not really what you call serious media whereas left wing are not designed to entertain but to deliver reliable, trustworthy articles which are very serious. ...read more.


On the other hand, The Guardian will have a big picture to attract the reader's attention but it will not take up the whole page that suggests that they care more about the story than the actual picture. The page will be usually half picture and half story in a Broadsheet newspaper; this gives the general idea of the story and will be designed to capture the reader in a mad vortex to carry on reading, this works tremendously as they will have so much more information than Tabloids on the next pages that the reader by the end of reading the article will be so full of knowledge that they will be exploding in side their mind. Headlines are used immensely to infatuate the reader, headlines are used with such grace or such abomination they have become a great skill to master. And once again you can tell what sort of a newspaper one is from the other just by looking at the headline. Tabloid newspapers try to make witty puns to amuse the reader and to attract the reader. The Sun (tabloid) is in a sense a very harsh newspaper with the way that they put together their newspapers. ...read more.


It is a very similar newspaper to the Daily Mirror; this is mainly because they are both Tabloids that have the same morals, their writers are very similar. To conclude this essay there is basically one main factor that should be taken into consideration upon purchasing a newspaper, newspapers are manipulative and will stop at nothing to seek fame, they do this at consistently attacking celebrities and people of any use to them. There is one thing for sure, Tabloid newspapers are evil and legerdemain, they are only about entertainment and producing boxed up stories that are of no relevance at all if you actually want to read a respectful article, which has the truth, now I'm not saying that I wouldn't but The Sun because I find it very entertaining and fun to read, but it is a shamble to call them newspapers, they should be called entertainmentpapers. If you really want a paper that will inform you on the latest events then you should really be looking to buy a Broadsheet, they will respect you and give you an article that will give you reliable information on latest events. Broadsheet and Tabloid newspapers are different in many ways, it is just a matter of opinion on which side you prefere. ...read more.

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