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Psycho and Vertigo comparison.

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Movies are a big part of peoples lives in our days that every one has their favourite type of movie, if it is action, romance or thriller they can't go without watching them because they make us laugh and sometimes maybe even make us cry. Now that I am studying media I can see the process of how movies are made and how important it is to have certain props and costumes or even camera angles just to make one scene work. After studying Psycho and Vertigo I am able to analyse films using film language to see why they use certain lighting such as under light and camera angles or shots like close ups so you can see how the character feels in that situation to create suspense to films. ...read more.


and Jaws and special effect movies like Minority Report. In the ending of Psycho you see Marion's sister, one of the characters in the dark basement and as soon as she turns on the light you hear running footsteps and the slashing knife music. The woman screams and you see Norman dressed as his mother. Then Hitchcock cuts to the dead mother, this kept audiences on the edge of their seats because Hitchcock made the scene quick by cutting to different shots. This was hard for audiences to take in; this made the ending of the movie shocking and suspenseful. In the last scenes of Vertigo, Scottie one of the main characters drags Madeline up the tower stairs while eerie music plays in the background, then Scottie starts to unravel the murder ...read more.


Audiences know the films are going to be spine tingling because Hitchcock uses lighting where you cant see characters faces, for example in Vertigo Madeline sees a dark figure where Hitchcock had used back lighting, this created mystery and fear to what the figure was. Hitchcock does create genre and narrative through his films, because audiences were scared and jumped out of their seats, every time something shocking had occurred and when audiences were home alone the got scared at any creek or bang they would hear were his films played on their minds, also his films would make headlines because they were so intriguing and were he did things that none of the other filmmakers had ever done before, like the naked lady in the shower and when the detective was falling down the stairs in Psycho. ...read more.

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