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Psycho. The shower scene is the key scene because this is the scene in which the psycho strikes first. It is also the end of what at first seems to be the main character, Marion Crane.

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Psycho Many film directors would agree that there is no such thing as a film capable of having an impact on the world. Whether this is true or not filmmakers still try to produce films that have an enormous impact. Very few succeed. One such film that did was "Psycho". "Psycho" went into another dimension in terms of its content. No one had ever tried to make a film which covered the areas that "Psycho" covered. Alfred Hitchcock had to use his forty years of experience to put across his ideas but not make the film pornographic or too violent. It is impossible to recreate the experience for the audiences that first experienced "Psycho" when it first came out. This was one of the most famous and daring pieces of film to be made in that era. Nobody would ever have thought about making such a film because the censors would almost certainly ban it. The shower scene is the key scene because this is the scene in which the psycho strikes first. It is also the end of what at first seems to be the main character, Marion Crane. Because this is the main scene and also the most controversial scene, Alfred Hitchcock filmed it over seven days for only two minutes forty seconds worth of film. There were about seventy different camera angles in the scene. Hitchcock had to consider the censors, which meant that he had to make sure that he kept the content of nudity and violence down to a minimum. ...read more.


Yet again you feel so helpless and that you almost feel guilty for not helping her. This was a great bit of directing by Hitchcock because it really involves the audience with the film and makes them feel responsible for the characters. We see it leave through the door and it appears to be a female or at least dressed like a female. Marion then she slides down the shower wall. She then falls, gripping and tearing off the shower curtain, her last protection. Throughout the shower scene the psycho's identity is kept uncertain. This adds an uncertainty in the minds of the audience. At first you think that it is Norman, but even then he seems pleasant and gentlemanly. Perhaps he seems too nice? Then when you see that it is a woman who kills her you just can't be sure. It is very clever they way that you are not shown the face of the psycho. This is the key to not revealing his identity. "Psycho" was not only filmed incredibly well, but it had a fantastic storyline. No matter how good the directing or the acting is you need a good story line and script. "Psycho" had this. It had good characters, irony, humour, repetitions, imagery and a great piece of music. The characters that we see in "Psycho" are created firstly by a writer then interpreted by the cast and actors who play the roles. Although this may seem obvious, the way that the actors interpret the characters can make or break a film. ...read more.


I don't. It may have been a great film for its time, with its terrific amounts of suspense, irony and horror, but with the amount of special effects, technology and money that goes into today's films, I feel that there are many films better than "Psycho." When "Psycho" came out it was a scary film. But compared to today's horror films such as "Scream. Even films that are not aimed at horror such as "Blade" contain more violence and blood than "Psycho" did. It's all down to the censors. With the censors being less strict the directors have more flexibility with what they can put into there films. Another point that helped "Psycho" become a successful film was the amount of hype and expectation that was brought about by Hitchcock's short trailers that he broadcasted before the film was released. This added to the expectations and anticipations about the film in the public's eye. Hitchcock used his great experience to give huge amounts of suspense to the film. This added to the horror of such events as the shower scene and the lead up to the Bates motel. Much time and effort was out in by Hitchcock and the cast to get the suspense, horror and irony into such scenes as the shower scene. There is such a huge amount of suspense in Hitchcock's films that he was given the title, the master of suspense. This gave many of his films an edge that many directors could not achieve. Even though I don't feel that "Psycho" was the best film ever, I do think that it will always be remembered as a classic horror film which is mainly due to Alfred Hitchcock, the mater of suspense. ...read more.

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