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Publishers - books, magazines and newspapers. Analysis of the covers of different publications.

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A Textbook Publisher Pearson Pearson Learning Solutions 501 Boylston Street, Suite 900 Boston MA 02116 Pearson is a popular and successful education company which provides educational materials, technologies, assessments and related servies to teachers an students of all ages. 60% of the Pearson's generated sales are from North America, the company also operates In more than sixty countries. This particular company is also a leading provider of electronic learning programmes and of test development, Processing and scoring services to educational institutions around the world. Pearson education's schools and colleges aspect of the company publishes a wide range of books, software and online resources for primary and secondary schools, FE colleges and private training providers. The company publish well known brands such as: * Heinemann * Longman * BBC Active * York Notes The higher and professional education team help people to learn throughout their working live. ...read more.


The company publishes and prints specialist magazines and is based in Bourne, Lincolnshire. The company started as a newsagent in 1926 and was founded by Lorenzo Warner. Warners then changed to a printing company in the 1960s and began publishing specialist magazines in the late 1980s. Warners group publications plc makes over twenty million a year, employs more than hundred and seventy members of staff and publishes more than thirty magazines in a broad range of subjects. The magazines cover subjects such as: * Boat Fishing * Bird watching * Camping * Scottish History * Stamp and coin collection The following front cover is from a history magazine which Warners publishes. * Though the cover image is a illustration I think the magazine is aimed at an older audience. The image is detailed and is based on the civil war. * A plain black background has been printed behind the masthead so it is clear and easy for the reader to understand. ...read more.


of the World * The Times Only in Australasia are the following newspapers available: * The Australian * Weekly Times * Inside Out The following front page was taken from the redtop newspaper, The Sun. * Several different stories have been covered in the front page and have been separated with black lines. * The masthead is bold and eye catching and has been printed on a red background. This has been done due to the newspaper being a redtop. * Slang has been used in the main headline; "SuBo" which is short for Susan Boyle has been printed. * A wide range of different fonts have been used, this makes the cover more eye catching and separates the different points of information. * The price of the newspaper has been printed bolder and with a brighter use of colour. This is suggesting the newspaper is at an inexpensive price. Which will attract readers to the newspaper. Factual writing for print products - Publishers ...read more.

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