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R- Kelly ‘ The world's greatest’

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English Media Assignment The first video watched by my class was R- Kelly ' The worlds greatest'. You can tell from the title of the song that it is about Muhammad Ali who was known as being the world's greatest boxer of all time. The song was written in conjunction with the new film releasing soon called Ali, which is about the boxing life for him. Throughout the music video there are flashbacks to when Muhammad Ali used to box and him knocking fellow opponents to the floor with ease. At first the video starts off in the changing rooms where R- Kelly is pretending to be a famous boxer. ...read more.


During the video there were red, white and blue colours shown to make the colours of the American flag be etherised. The second video watched by my class was called country road and was sung by Hermes house band. As they appear to be a not very well known band, I expect that the song before I have even headed it wouldn't be as good as R- Kelly's as he has a reputation to hold and wouldn't produce a song that couldn't get him to a number one spot in the chart. The Hermes House band song was originally sung by John Denver a long while back. The version produced by Hermes house band has a much more up - beat rhythm section using a mix of synthesised instruments and real instruments. ...read more.


As when there was a clip of video in the bar and one of the singers slapping one of the ladies on the ars randomly showing no regard for her feelings. There was a part in the video when there was a showdown, which is a typical, western theme. Horses and carts were shown throughout the video. I noticed that the lyrics in the song were very repetitive and to break the song down they speeded up the tempo of the song and slowed it down. There was a wide range of crescendos and diminuendos used, and when the song was coming to an end there was poco - rit, which brought the song to a final close. At the end of the song there was a 'THE END' written which is a classic trademark of western films at the end. ...read more.

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