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Radio One

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Memo To: Alfred Liggins, III From: Abenaa Ampratwum, Li-Ching Huang, Sultan CC: Maury Tamarkin Date: May 10, 2007 Re: Radio One, Inc. Radio One Incorporated began as one talk station in 1980, when it acquired WOL-AM. Radio One, Inc. was the first in the radio industry to primarily target African-American and urban listeners. ...read more.


Radio One, Inc. is led by Chairperson and Founder, Catherine L. Hughes, and her son, Alfred C. Liggins, III, Chief Executive Officer and President, who together have over 45 years of operating experience in radio broadcasting. Radio One (NASDAQ: ROIA and RIOAK), had the opportunity to acquire 12 urban stations in the top 50 markets from Clear Channel Communications, Inc. ...read more.


to obtain Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approval for its acquisition of AMFM, Inc. Radio One was also negotiating the acquisition of nine stations in Charlotte, North Carolina, Augusta, Georgia, and Indianapolis, Indiana. The proposed acquisitions would double the size of Radio One. The purpose of this Memo is to analyze the strategic and financial evaluation of the proposed acquisitions and to recommend strategies for ensuring these acquisitions are seamless. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ? Page 2 1 ...read more.

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