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AS and A Level: Radio

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  1. How relevant is Reith's idea of public service broadcasting in relation to contemporary television?

    He came up with several ideas about it, ideas that are still in use to this very day. He also came up with this phrase: Public Service Broadcasting. Reith believed that broadcasting should be a public service. It was overseen by the government, controlled by the General Post Office, and paid for by the people who used it. As a public service, public service broadcasting (PSB) should have an ethos, and Reith put forth some ideas that would stay in the PSB charter (and in the BBC's mission statement) for years to come. One of the utmost concerns of Reith was that PSB had to educate as well as inform.

    • Word count: 2299
  2. The BBC organisation

    and the Isle of man and the territorial waters and elsewhere in the world' The Charter requires the Secretary of State's prior approval for the co-operation 'to enter into joint ventures or partnerships with other companies and to establish companies whose objects include any of the objects of the co-operation or whose business is capable of being carried on in such a way as to facilitate or advance any of the objects of the co-operation and to purchase or otherwise acquire stocks, shares or securities and to subsidise and assist any such company.'

    • Word count: 1242
  3. Consider the importance of Channel Four in relation to the history of public service broadcasting.

    It was ITV that became approved. In 1954 Television Act Policy approved commercial television and established the Independent Television Authority (ITA, later IBA now ITC) and the channel was named ITV. However there was also the desire for a third channel however after the Pilkington Report findings were against ITV, but argued for a second channel for BBC (lead to the authorisation of BBC2); attacks on ITV companies profits leads to imposing of levy. Channel 4 was originally funded by subscription from ITV companies. This was due to a levy, financially restricting excess profits.

    • Word count: 1551
  4. Compare and contrast the origins of television in Australia and Britain.

    Unlike a government department, the statutory authority was based on an Act of Parliament and it would be responsible through a minister. The statutory authority must maintain its distance from political control and remain independent to ensure impartiality. Freed from commercial pressure by its licence fee income, the BBC could project all that was good in British Culture; so it could not just entertain but 'uplift'1 This arrangement continued without basic changes until 1955 and a pilot television channel was launched in 1936.

    • Word count: 2160
  5. Radio Stirling 101: Report on a Group Research Project.

    Therefore, the last section of this report is devoted to the reflections on the project in different perspectives. Methodology The research has been conducted in a form of a series of questionnaire-guided one-on-one interviews of Stirling University students on both campus and students residences. The planned sample size is 100 with a balanced gender make-up. Taking into consideration the factor of cultural proximity and comparability in radio listening and music acquisition, the interviews are targeted mainly at UK students and some international students from other EU countries as well as North America.

    • Word count: 1384
  6. What is local radio better at than National Radio?

    Equally national radios won't advertise local charity jumble sales whereas local radios will because obviously its local and they will want to inform their listeners. I think that one thing local radios will only do is advertise help lines for teenagers. These help lines can be for depressed teenagers or teenagers who are facing difficulty. Local radios advertise help lines such as 'Talk to Frank' and 'Connexions'. This is one of the reasons why I would say that I prefer local radios to national because of what they advertise for the public.

    • Word count: 2744
  7. The radio.

    Lodge only used the coherer to make the transmission clearer as he was know to be a perfectionist. Aleksandr Stepanovich Popov, a Russian physicist, added a wire to Lodge's coherer and invented the first ever antenna. This was followed by Karl F. Braun's method of magnetic induction, which entailed attaching the transmitter directly to the antenna, which improved the range. Edison also added to this list of inventers with his patented device called the "grasshopper telegraph" (3) in 1885. It was a box that was put on top of the roofs of trains to pick up messages. Unfortunately it could not differentiate between the signals and picked up all of them.

    • Word count: 2804
  8. History of Radio in New Zealand.

    The year of 1936 saw a woman radio announcer take the microphone. Aunt Daisy was her name and she had a morning time slot from 9 - 10am. This was the time that the 'housewives' were at home and listening to the radio, so Aunt Daisy would give house hold tips about, cooking, cleaning and the general running of the woman's side of the household.

    • Word count: 590
  9. Producing a Radio Advert for the N.H.S.

    Over all the National Health Service offers a wide range of medical professions, I have only listed a few. The National Health Service advert that I will be creating must include the names of careers that are not as well known as some, to the public. Doing this will hopefully make the National Health Service sound and feel more interesting to the target audience. If it were to be broadcasted in the morning and evening on the local radio station, teenagers will most likely be listening at that time and depending on the quality of the advert will decide to become part of the National Health Service.

    • Word count: 1717
  10. Analyse, review and comment of North West Tonight, 6.30pm.

    The main part of the programme is filmed in the studio using mainly eye level camera angles on the newsreader. At the start of the programme, there is a high angle shot of the studio, followed by a still, eye level shot of the presenter, Gordon Burns. An eye level shot is fairly neutral and so helps the viewer to concentrate on what the presenter is saying rather than what he is doing. During the weather forecast, the presenter is standing next to a large screen and so a long shot is needed.

    • Word count: 2300
  11. To what extent was the BBC in the 1920s the personal creation of John Reith?

    Reith was greatly influential in the area of programming. When he was appointed as the BBC's first general manger in 1922, he knew little about broadcasting, yet through his energy and force of personality he shaped it according to a moral vision, whose traces are visible even today. Reith saw radio's potential as a means of cutting across class and social boundaries to serve a mass audience. He believed that broadcasting should serve and educate everyone, and should be a public service which the public, rather than advertisers, should pay for.

    • Word count: 2136
  12. Discuss whether or not the BBC should be allowed to take advertising and sponsorship in order to fund its new digital channels. What would the implications be for public service broadcasting?

    By advertising, the BBC would possibly have to give into commercial pressures. At present, the BBC does not take advertising for BBC1 and BBC2 as they fund their broadcasting through the licence fee. According to the BBC's website (www.bbc.co.uk/info/bbc/lic_advert.shtml), 'The licence fee maintains a wide range of public services which cannot always be financed by the economics of pay-TV or advertising, and enables mainstream programmes to be available unrestricted to everyone in the UK'. This reflects the BBC's public service broadcasting objectives to entertain, educate, inform, innovate and enrich. Today, the BBC have expanded from analogue television to the digital world where they plan to keep on funding BBC1 and BBC2 through the licence fee and possibly fund its digital channels (BBC Choice, BBC Knowledge, BBC Four, for example)

    • Word count: 2197
  13. A Wireless Device works without using cables to communicate.

    The main part that can produce sound in electric guitar is called the pick-ups. It consists of magnets and coil. Only metal string can be used in magnetic pickups. The pickups have the ability to transfer the physical vibration of a metal string into the electrical current. This current can then be translated into a tone. Transmitter: A transmitter is basically converting an audio signal to a radio signal and broadcasting it through the antenna. The antenna is one the most important parts in the transmitter.

    • Word count: 901
  14. Which methods does the producer Use to make an effective documentary - 'Scene: boxing on the ropes'?'

    directly linked to boxing, although this is alarming, to put it in comparison there has been well over 50 deaths from rock climbing in the same time period, this could be suggested to be a form of propaganda. The producer then backs the statistics by actually showing you some of the knockouts in the ring, you are then shown footage in which Mohammed Ali, arguably the greatest boxer of all time, is at a airport after a match still suffering from, 'punch drunk', acting like a child, with slurred speech, and needing help to walk.

    • Word count: 666
  15. Communicational Technology.

    Examples of communication using infrared are laptops to printers and remote controls to television. Infra-red and visible lights are far more useful in communication systems when sent down optical fibres. WAVELENGTH CLASS USE 100 km - 1 km Long wave Commercial radio 1 km - 100 m Medium wave Commercial radio 100 m - 10 m Short wave Amateur radio/Police radio 10 m - 1 m VHF FM radio 1 m - 10 cm UHF TV, mobile phones, planes 10 cm - 100 ?m Microwaves Satellites, radar 100 ?m - 10 ?m Infra-red Optical fibres, telephones, remote controls 10 ?m - 1 ?m Visible light Optical fibres, lasers, traffic lights WAVE SOURCES DETECTOR Gamma Radioactive substances such as uranium (Dangerous)

    • Word count: 1209
  16. How far do you agree that the emergence of television as a mass medium of communication was the key turning point improving leisure opportunities for ordinary people in the twentieth century?

    TV first emerged in the late 1920's, having no big impact and first broadcast by the BBC in 1936 with limited broadcasting hours. By 1939 around 18-20,000 sets had been brought however its real breakthrough came in the 50's and 60's. The post war director General of BBC William Haley 'insisted that television was merely an "extension" of sound broadcasting' and that TV and radio were parts of one whole. He believed that TV as a communication medium would be a 'mere adjunct to radio rather than one whose essence would be visual'.

    • Word count: 2562
  17. Describe the main differences in the presentational style of the Radio 1 breakfast show and the Spire FM breakfast show, giving examples of content, to include a trail and commercial (for Spire FM) and a sweeper and a news wrap (fro Radio 1).

    Radio 1's target audience is fifteen to twenty five. Spire FM is a local broadcasting service which broadcasts from south Wiltshire and west Hampshire and is owned by Radio investments LTD and gets its funds through advertising. The Radio 1 breakfast show begins at 7 'o' clock am and finishes at 10 'o' clock am, it is hosted by Sara Cox. The Spire FM breakfast show, hosted by Matt and H, starts at quarter past 6 and finishes at 9 'o' clock.

    • Word count: 471
  18. Produce an extract from a documentary series, or current affairs programme to include studio presentation, interview and either theme tune or jingle.

    This is because they need to attract audiences of large audiences for advertisers. In recent BBC surveys they have found that the audience over 35 tend to listen to a high ratio of speech to music radio. These two commercial stations have an audience that are biased to a younger audience although Galaxy is more acute to this. The BBC is designed to cater for the general public, as it is the general public who directly pay for this service. Radio 4 is a speech based station, where music is rarely played and most of the productions are speech based to cater for its older audience of 35 to over 45.

    • Word count: 2140
  19. Creating a new system for my school using ICT.

    Software Microsoft Excel- in order to create the lookup table and list the jobs and the codes. Microsoft Windows- to write up my project i.e., the introduction, results, analysis and evaluation. The programme should, again, be easily accessible and be easy to use. The programme should have the right sort of information that an A-Level or As student is looking for in their search for the right job for them. The job list should include the main jobs that are looked into nowadays i.e., doctors, designers etc, and then expanded i.e., designer:interior, doctor:pediatrics.

    • Word count: 1313
  20. For this piece of coursework I have decided to make an investigation into language used in football commentaries.

    Methodology I have noticed that due to the duration of a full football match, analysing a commentary from a whole match would give me more data than I need to carry out this investigation. Therefore to focus my project further, I have decided to use extracts of the commentaries. These will focus on important moments and incidents during the duration of the match. Using my existing knowledge of listening to commentaries, I have pin-pointed one period of a game which would be useful to analyse.

    • Word count: 7931
  21. McDonalds ICT Mission Statement.

    They also make a promise to their employees to boost the confidence of the public in the McDonalds employees. The statement doesn't involve any promises about the quality of their food, which I feel is very disappointing, and should be included. It's very brief and inconclusive about many issues so I believe McDonalds mission statement should be improved. BBC. The BBC is run in the interests of its viewers and listeners. Twelve governors act as trustees of the public interest and regulate the BBC. The Queen on advice from ministers appoints them. The BBC's governors safeguard its independence, set its objectives and monitor its performance.

    • Word count: 624
  22. Television Institutions.

    It is a non-commercial (not there to make a profit) stations whereas ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 are commercial stations (there to make profit). Channel ITV, channel 4 and channel 5 are been owned by large moneymaking organisations whose aim is to make profit for their shareholders. So they charging advertisers large sums of promote their products on these stations (usually six minutes of adverts per hour). SKY and cable have no restrictions on how many adverts they show in any hours, therefore, have far more adverts as this means more profit for theme.

    • Word count: 715
  23. Mint Bar and Restaurant Evaluation - For our Med2 practical assessment we chose to advertise a bar/restaurant. The campaign consisted of 2 radio adverts and 2 poster advertisements.

    Before creating our campaign we needed to look at the audience we would be targeting. This was the main area of focus before creating our campaign as once we had decided on the age, gender and social class of our audience we could go about creating our campaign to appeal to this audience. We decided the target audience of our campaign would be single men and women, or men and women in a relationship aged between 21 and 50 years old that belong to the social class of C1 and above. This was for the reason that this is the type of audience that has the most disposable income of today's society and may not have children or any other form of family responsibilities that may have and effect on their financial situation.

    • Word count: 1070
  24. Why did groups like the Beatles and The Rolling Stones have such great Impact during the 1960's.

    The older generation felt very affended by the new fashion craze. Twiggy a model caused a stir when she was wearing a mini skirt four inches above her knees to the Melbourne Cup (The most important horse race in Australia) A week of newspaper headlines followed it. More shops and mail order companies were beginning to sell the new fashion but the fashions didn't seem to last for very long with the mini skirt lasting a few years then the trouser suits came and went and then the hippie and flower power clothes came.

    • Word count: 906
  25. Why have some Scottish and Welsh nationalists criticized Labour's programme of devolution

    Some Scottish and Welsh nationalists have criticised labour's programme of devolution because they campaign for full independence for Scotland and Wales. Labour's programme of devolution does not grant full independence to these countries. Instead it just offers slightly more power. Scottish nationalists also criticise Labour's programme of devolution because it will probably lead to a rise in taxes in Scotland.

    • Word count: 508

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