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Reading about a sequence of scenes from 'Signs'

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Reading about a sequence of scenes from 'Signs' Shyanalam's epic and sensational film, 'Signs' holds us at the edge of our seat as one scene tensely moves to the next making it a thriller. This is done by the ascending and descending change of pace as the Hess family run away from the grotesque aliens with supernatural powers and godlike technology. It has many genre such sci- fi, supernatural and horror but some of the genres we might not have picked up are comedy and moralistic. It has some comedy in it with the little jokes e.g. ' We don't even have hats to protect us from them reading our minds'. Later we will realise it is moralistic as the hidden story of the film is that Graham loses his faith when his wife dies but regains it after going in to the darkness of the basement which represents hell and danger. Because of the different genres it is classed as a hybrid movie that shocks and alarms the viewers. The title of the film 'Signs' was chosen because of the strange and mysterious crop circles but also it has many hidden means, which Shyanalan slowly illustrates e.g. 'Bo's habit of not drinking contaminated water', shows that she is pure and later shows that the pureness of water is the weakness of the aliens. ...read more.


His eyes become wider and whiter as the use of top lighting show that he has an epiphany showing that he has accepted God. This is re enforced by the soft harmonic music that makes represents God, and with the slow yet power diegetic words 'I'm not ready' this makes an exceptional scene. This wondrous peace changes however back to the gloom and the terror of diegetic music of the malevolent aliens trying to get in, causing Merrill in scene 15 to stop to this nightmare as he stumbles upon an axe to block the door with, but ironically because of his anxiousness, he swings it into a light bulb. At this point the sound bridge continues in to the next scene, the music gets louder as we hear the smashing of the light bulb. This then leads to the darkness of the basement where the non-diegetic music stops and only the trepidation and the confusion of the family can be heard. This scene is more than it appears as it shows us the fear of the family by taking one of our senses away and also making it last a extensive amount of time (8 seconds). The light returns in the form of a torch illustrating how little hope there is on the family survival as Morgan uses the torch to create under lighting. ...read more.


In frame 59 we see a 20 sec shot of Bo's and Merrill's faces as they watch in fear above of that we hear the diegetic voice of Graham saying "Believe" and "We" symbolising that if you put your heart in to it you cant fail. It sounds like Graham is giving a ceremony to Morgan .In frame 60 by the help of the family and God, we see a MCU tracking out of Morgan's hand relaxing, to release the tension also the words "The fear is fading", "The air is coming" and "Its going to pass" says that he will be alright but subconsciously it is also Graham fear of his wife death recovering. We then see a CU shot of Morgan recovering. And also of Merrill face as he conquer his fear as he is glowing, this is also shown by the church organ in the music. We then see LS of the whole cellar showing that it is safe as Merrill puts the torch out to illustrate that they are not afraid of the darkness anymore as they we scared of it in the beginning. This symbolises that now they chose their own fate. This is also done to stop all the tension and make the whole cellar scene sink in to show the sensational and awesome scene produced by Shyanalam By Nyan Su 10B ...read more.

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