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Red Rock West by John Dahl. Consider how the opening of the this film clearly establishes Genre, Location, Character and Narrative:

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´╗┐Consider how the opening of the this film clearly establishes Genre, Location, Character and Narrative: Red Rock West by John Dahl begins with an opening musical soundtrack which creates a western atmosphere and this is further introduced by a twanging guitar refrain which adds a melancholy texture. It immediately casts a traditional feel about the film enhancing the western culture. The early shots that are exposed of the dusty road introduces isolation and an atmospheric effect. Additionally the landscape that is publicized is desert like and also dusty which then signifies the western theme and the sensation of desolation and barrenness. It then later exhibit?s the plate of the white Cadillac to expose that it had been travelling from Texas. The use of clever establishing shots reveals that no one else is around and the sign which is revealed reads ?Wyoming?. This sets the location perfectly. As the character steps out of his Cadillac he does press-ups in the road which gives the impression that he is ...read more.


He then later goes to the oil works for a job as he doesn?t have much money to carry on his journey in his Cadillac. As it was revealed from before he has travelled from Texas so this job could mean a fresh start ,a chance to start again and he maybe wanted to get away from his past from the marines which could bring back memories of the events that took place. He introduces himself as Michael at his job interview. During the interview Michael proves to be very honest and exposes about his injury on his leg. Later on as the firm doesn?t want him because of his injury he is sent away and his friend offers him money. Michael refuses the money from his friend which indicates him to be a very independent man which is too proud to show a sign of weakness. The sequence at the gas station following after the job interview we learn a lot more about Michael as a person and the location. ...read more.


As an audience we get a feeling as though something isn?t right and further more we have evidence which indicates this. Michael gets mistaken for ?Lyal?. A man that was sent for him to murder his wife. As he keeps getting eluded of jobs because of his injury he then decides to take up Wayne on his offer and takes the money. Here we see the good use of power play between the interaction of these two feisty characters. But also a sign from Michael could portray that he is desperate and will do anything for money which could lead to another side of his character. Overall I thought this film was very creative and that the plot of the film kept you guessing. It was very fast moving and suspenseful also the humour was very nicely understated. I thought that Nicholas Cage who played Michael as the character who bumbles into a murderous plot by accident only wanting to earn a buck and leave but never being able to get away from the town was played brilliantly. ...read more.

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