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Report for multimedia presentation.

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Report for multimedia presentation Topic chosen The topic I have chosen for my presentation is after school activities. I chose this topic as I am very interested in what the school has to offer to people who enjoy other activities outside of school. Also I participate in a lot of these activities so I had a very good understanding of how they have developed and achieved. I also think that all students should be aware of what extra curricular aspects the school offers as it helps them to learn how to work as a team and get to know the rest of the students better. Choice of application I have chosen Microsoft power point to present my presentation as I am familiar with this application from other assignments and therefore I have a good understanding of how to use it. It is also very time efficient when presenting information to an audience as you do not waste time changing overheads. Also images, graphs, sounds and diagrams can be added which makes it more interesting to watch. ...read more.


I will explain the background for our Gaelic team and how people can join, in the information part. I will have a picture of a Gaelic team for my image and will rotate it after the information has been brought in with the effect 'diamond'. I have also made this background colourful to attract people and will do so throughout my presentation. 4th slide: This slide will show the option of the school choir. It will have information on the achievements and how to join. I will have to scan a picture of the school choir onto the slide as the clip art does not contain a picture of the school choir. The title will descend into position as the text comes in from the right. The image will have a checkerboard effect also. 5th slide: Title Text Images My fifth slide will be on the schools netball team. I will have information on when and how you can join the team. The text will have a colour typewriter effect added to it. The two images I will have, I will download them from the schools website and have a swivel effect to the pictures. ...read more.


I then went to my presentation and added the video to my clip art. I used the same method for importing the images I used but I got most of the images from the Thornhill web site. My presentation will be designed for teenagers between 12 and 18. I will try to adapt my presentation to my audience as much as possible in the appropriate way. I will use bright colours to attract their attention and use as little writing as possible but enough for them to understand and not get bored. I will use effects that will also attract their attention and will make them want to read the presentation. I will try and use as much images as I can to explain what my presentation is about. I have decided to make the presentation on a topic that includes The audience as it is about their school and what they have to offer them as extra curricular activities. i will also add sounds to my presentation to keep the audience attentive and it will also make them want to listen. For my font I will make it less formal and try to adapt it to one, which is suitable for my audience. ...read more.

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