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Report on Black Sheep Brewery 's PerformanceCommunication planning to effectively target wholesalers

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Report on Black Sheep Brewery 's Performance Communication planning to effectively target wholesalers How to improve logistics facilities How to plan international marketing to target export market Presented to Geoff Lancaster Presented By Asim Waheed MBA GroupA (Aug intake UEL MM) Communication Planning The term 'Marketing Communications' is generally preferred to the term 'promotion', In a sense all marketing communication activity is a form of promotion, that is in one way or another is attempting to promote the interest of the brand, product range and/or company. Promotion is a part of a firm's overall effort to communicate with consumers and others about its product or service 'offering'. Both the company and the consumer have needs which they aim to fulfill; the profit making company wishes to improve or maintain profits and market share, and gain a better reputation than its competitors, and the consumer aims to reach his or her personal goals. The total product offering allows each party to move towards these goals. The marketing communications mix is made up of personal selling, a range of conventional advertising media and a range of non-media communication tools. Other marketing communications techniques, such as sales promotion, sponsorship and exhibitions do have value. Especially with this case Black Sheep Beers has been in the market for about fifteen years and doing successfully. And this is because of many factors that's why it got a strong response from most of the pubs chains factors are: * Their focus on these chains * Point of sale installations on the chains * Advertising accessories installations on the chains And now to have a control over wholesale market and to get ...read more.


Logistics and Competitive Advantage Perhaps the most important reason for the growth in importance and interest in physical and logistics is the fact that logistics system offers substantial potential for achieving a competitive edge and hence for winning and keeping customers. Particularly in industrial markets, where product may be relative undifferentiated and process and margins cut to the bone, companies may find that they can gain a competitive edge by using their logistics system to improve customer services levels. This in turn may allow company to increase prices. Because of this, identifying appropriate levels of and types of customer service to be achieved by the logistics management system is a key of planning in this area. A number of developments and trends in industrial purchasing and materials management discussed earlier have heightened the importance attached by many customers to service elements of the logistics systems of their suppliers and potential suppliers. With modern continuous flow and large batch manufacturing systems, a stock out situation of even a relatively minor and inexpensive component may incur substantial costs in down time. This potential problem is heightened where, as is increasingly the case a firms customers are using a just-in- time inventory principles. Where a manufacturer is using a JIT system, delivery, and hence the logistics performance of the supplier, is crucial and its importance heightened. A company that can achieve well on its delivery performance, many companies these days an inability to supply JIT deliveries means that a supplier would simply not be considered. Similarly the trend in industrial purchasing towards material management systems has put an increased emphasis on the logistics performance of firm's potential suppliers. ...read more.


Each of the marketing mix elements, which include the important aspect of selling that is, considered separately from promotion, are considered from the viewpoint of examining the issues that are at stake when considering them in the context of international marketing. To plan international marketing to get better target export market there are link of factors on which Black Sheep Brewery have to plan to target international market. By keeping in a view generally economic theory of comparative advantage, according to this each country should specialize in the production of those goods it can most efficiently provide, which should encourage unrestricted trade, international specialization and increased global efficiency. So first it should target those export market generally where they can get comparative advantage by distributing brewery products. And more specifically on these areas Black Sheep Brewery has to plan to target export market on following issues. * Because the home market might be saturated * To focus on an innovative production brands of brewery to compete world product or service * To satisfy the standards of corporate management who might wish as a general matter of policy that the company should be committed to international operations * To evaluate and get corporate tax advantages offered in overseas countries * To enjoy the funding benefits from setting up manufacturing brewery variety globally in certain overseas countries which might also offer access to the trading block to which that country belongs * To obtain economies of larger scale operations * Import tariffs which impose a percentage duty, export licenses and Political factors are to be evaluated and effectively measured while targeting export market. ...read more.

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