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Representation of gender in Men Behaving Badly and Absolutely Fabulous.

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Compare how the representation of gender is constructed by the way character's appearance and dialogue in your two chosen television programmes In comparing Men Behaving Badly and Absolutely Fabulous I will find both differences and similarities in gender construction. Absolutely Fabulous is heavily set towards extreme female stereotypes and the male characters are mainly weak, whereas in Men Behaving Badly the male characters are more dominant and their attitudes and relationships to the female characters is more obvious. In the Absolutely Fabulous episode Menopause, there are many stereotypes regarding women. Through Edina we see the woman struggling to be a mother, have a career and delay the ageing progress. Edina wears clothes inappropriate to her age and applies a lot of vibrant coloured makeup to try and make herself appear youthful and fashionable which she miserable fails to do. Edwina's language throughout the episode is far from the traditional stereotype of women being ladylike and polite. Edina is much the opposite, a very loud and flamboyant woman. This contributes much to her character as it emphasises her struggle to keep herself young and stylish. In this particular episode we see Edina's PR company failing to strive alongside the rival company, and it shows the viewers Edina's desperate desire to become famous and popular, which gives reason to her appearance. ...read more.


Patsy and Edina's lifestyle is not that of responsible middle age women, at the very beginning of this episode we see the two of them using drugs and in their confusion mistaking a phone ringing for illogical things such as bees and shoes. The responsible character in the house is ironically Edina's daughter Saffron. Saffron is a young university student and this group would normally be stereotyped as being careless, rebellious and wild, though in a reverse stereotype Saffron is in fact very sensible and intelligent! Saffron is dressed in smart trousers and a brown woolly pullover, has unruly hair and wears smart glasses. These clothes are not the sort of fashion for a girl her age, and it emphasises her reversal on the normal student stereotype. It is amusing to the audience as the mother and daughter seem to take on each other's normal stereotypical characteristics. Edina hanging out with her best friend taking drugs, and Saffron attempting to control her. In comparison, the male characters of Men Behaving Badly lack responsibility and this relates to Edina's neglect of parental duty. Gary shows lack of responsibility in his relationship with Dorothy, as he can't seem to decide whether to kick out his best friend Tony or his girlfriend. ...read more.


Debs is a single, blonde attractive woman upstairs from the other three characters, and is constantly lusted after by Tony. Deb's clothes are fashionable and sophisticated and she acts very ladylike. Deb's appearance shows she looks after herself and takes time with her makeup and clothes. Deb's character contrasts with the characteristics of Dorothy, who simply rushes out of the door once she is dressed in her nurse's uniform. Dorothy is dark haired and is in a relationship with Gary, Dorothy looks smart but doesn't seem to bother much with her appearance and make up, which shows her relaxed attitude around Gary. It highlights the idea that when women are single they make more effort with themselves, and it relates to Gary's attitude to living with Dorothy. "Living with your bird is a bit like living at home with your parents. You have to keep your room tidy and you can't put up the posters you want!" Dorothy uses sarcasm around Gary, and it seems she is just as bored of him as he is of her. Dorothy does not seem to show much affection to Gary, when she addresses him she uses a flat tone with not much emotion in her voice. Through Dorothy's dialogue the viewers can pick up on faults in their relationship and her attitudes to Gary. ...read more.

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