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Representation of women in British soap compared to non-British television

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Representation of women in British soap compared to non-British television I have chosen two soaps to compare; I have chosen "Hollyoaks" and "The O.C." Hollyoaks is an on going soap, that constantly changes with the trends going on in the north of UK in Chester, this focuses its attention on students and young adults this is to attract a young audience, whereas The O.C. is aired in series' the O.C. is a very recent soap opera and it shows the lifestyles of the rich and famous from a very wealthy part of California, this also focuses on youth and this is also aimed at teenagers and young adults. In Hollyoaks the British women are generally good looking, because this produces more viewers, the men are also good looking, because this attracts the female audience. ...read more.


In the O.C. the women are all still very good looking, however the women are all rich and glamorous, they live in the best parts of California, and are very rich, this show has been so popular because it brings out the audiences aspirations, because its only fantasy for the majority of the world, a lot of dreams are met by the audience by seeing the ideal women in the O.C., the O.C. deals more with teen issues, and the women used In this soap opera are more famous and clearly better paid than the women in British soap opera. Women in an American soap about riches, glamour and teen issues, is so much more appealing to an audience, to a female and male audience, female audiences because it plays on their aspirations ...read more.


general are obsessed with socio-economic groups, and they show all these types of groups in Hollyoaks and The O.C., however in British soap, people are fascinated in watching about social class, especially watching soaps about families and people who are working class, this is because it's a comforting feeling for viewers that there's "all those" other people out there who are also working class. I have come to the conclusion that women in British soap are more life like, more real, more down to earth, and a lot less fake, like the soap I researched Hollyoaks, the women are more about realism, whereas the women in American soap, from the soap I researched the O.C. are more about escapism, and losing yourself for those 50 minutes to watch your fantasies. Anup Sohanta Media ...read more.

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