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Research and Analysis of British Film Idea

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Research and Analysis The first question I asked myself was what makes a British film? I found out that British films tend to be set in British locations, for instance, 'Bend it like Beckham' and 'Love Actually' were set around London, because it represents Great Britain. Also, these films tend to not include Hollywood actors, but British stars, with English accents, to help determine that these are British films and not American ones. Therefore, my film will also contain British locations and British actors. I found out the difference between a British and an American film is mainly the budget and the narrative codes. American studios are several times larger than British ones, especially due to Fox, Universal and Warner Brothers. Their production value looks more polished, due to the millions of dollars that are put into one film. However, British films rely on Independent film companies, which tend to have low budgets and are sometimes seen as being artistic and edgy, centring serious themes. ...read more.


Therefore, it will help me create my own romantic film idea, as I can develop the same narrative codes from those films into mine. Next, I asked myself what type of audience watch romantic films? I researched by watching popular romantic films, such as, 'Notting Hill', 'The Notebook' and 'Twilight'. My research showed me that these films are targeted mainly at women, as these films portray a strong representation of women and the genre tends to be very emotive, which is known as a 'tearjerker' and women are known to be more sensitive than men. As well as this, a lot of romantic films are also targeted at couples, as the conflicts normally revolve around relationships and dealing with its issues. Therefore, I will target my film at couples and women, as they will be able to identify with the film. ...read more.


She feels she's loosing hope and isn't going to succeed, until she meets a teenage boy (Cameron Fisher), who supports and guides her in the right direction. My film idea follows Vladimir Propp's theory about characters, as I have included a princess (Olivia), a hero (Cameron) and villains (Olivia's parents). This will help to make my film more interesting, as there will be conflicts/drama between the princess and the villains. This then follows Tzvetan Todorov's theory about equilibrium and disruptions in the narrative. The film will be called 'Broken Seams', as it's a metaphor of how the female protagonist feels before she meets her love interest and the one line pitch is "A young artist with no faith in herself, meets an ordinary boy who shows her the meaning of belief". In conclusion, with all my research and findings, this hopefully shows that my British, romantic/coming-of-age drama will be a success in the UK and aboard. ...read more.

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