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Research, Observation and Analysis of the Business letters that are contained at the end of this report.

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COMPARISON OF BUSINESS LETTERS * WICKES BUSINESS LETTER * SPORTS SHOES BUSINESS LETTER * NEW COLLEGE LETTER REPORT PREPARED BY LUKE LLOYD Contents 1 Introduction, Letter 1 examination (Wickes Letter) 3 2 Letter 1 examination (Font, Content) 4 3 Letter 2 examination (Sports Shoes Letter) 4 4 Letter 2 examination (Font, Content) 5 5 Letter 3 examination (New College Letter) 5 6 Letter 3 examination (Font, Content) 6 1 Introduction The following Report is based on the Research, Observation and Analysis of the Business letters that are contained at the end of this report. The outcome of this report will help me with my communication and design skills; I will then be a much better position to prepare my own Business letter in the future. This Report was set by Terry Dickenson and Adrianne Oates to be completed by 11th November 2002. This Date has been met. I have studied the Business letters and discussed with a couple of colleagues the layout, design and content of the letters and this has influenced the points made in the report. I obtained the Business letters from Wickes, Sports Shoes Unlimited and . 2 Examination of Business letters Letter number 1: Wickes Layout The Layout is very important in a Business letter. ...read more.


The Business letter header has been printed in colour. It makes the letter look a better quality letter. The logo is in colour. Printing/Paper The paper is quite expensive. The letter has been printed out in colour, because of the letterhead. It has been made to look professional by having a letterhead. The company have spent time and money making the letter look good. It has been printed on glossy paper, which is expensive. The letter has then been printed in colour as well. This means the letter is more expensive to produce than the Wickes letter. The paper is glossy, but it has no embossing or watermark on it. Font/Writing style The font is a sans serif font, like the Wickes Letter. It is Black text on white paper. It is fairly small text, about the same size as the text on the Wickes letter, 12 point. The company has used no Bold text, but has used capitals to make the important text stand out. Content/Accuracy The content of the Letter is accurate; it contains no errors or miss spelt words. The letter has been set out in an appropriate manner. The letter has probably been created using mail merge, the letter has been sent to all the customers in the company's contacts database, just like the Wickes letter. ...read more.


Content/Accuracy The content of the Letter is accurate; it contains no errors or miss spelt words. The letter has been set out in an appropriate manner, using paragraphs. The letter has not been created using mail merge, however it doesn't need to have been because it has been addressed to a group of people rather than an individual. It is a cheap and effective way to create the letter; this can only be done if there is no confidential information in the letter. The company has used paragraphs to break up the long text. The company has used fairly large text to make it easy on the eyes. 3 Conclusions Having analysed the three Business letters I have came up with the following conclusions that will help be when making my own Business Letter: 1. Always have a colour letterhead. 2. Do not make the letterhead come down the page more than 4 cm. 3. Use bold text and capital letters to emphasise phases and words. 4. Always include some contact information. 5. Always sign and print your name at the end of the letter. 6. Use paragraphs to break up the long text. 7. Use the most cost effective method of printing your letter. 8. Use mail merge if necessary to save time. Doing this analysis has equipped me well to carry on and do my own Business letter. 5 ...read more.

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