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Research various techniques such as lighting, sound, shot types etc, used by directors in their films.

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Illustrated Essay The aim of my illustrated essay is to research various techniques such as lighting, sound, shot types etc, used by directors in their films. From this research I wish to discover what has influenced the directors and how they have used the various techniques to portray a sense of empathy, tension and suspense in particular scenes throughout their films. I aim to I gain inspiration for my own film by doing this and be able to apply my findings to one of my experimental pieces and my short film. In mainstream and experimental filming/cinema performance details create and keep up a director's overall vision. Depending on what the director wishes to achieve, they will talk with the actors and discuss how the actors should behave on set. The actor may be told to use limited or controlled movements to portray a character that is worried or on edge about something, while another works in contrast to them using light and free-floating movements to portray a character that is open to experience. ...read more.


Mel Gibson's "The Passion of The Christ" is another example of this, but to say it is a highly manipulative film would be an understatement. On "The Passion of The Christ", MS Sathyu the director of "Garam Hawa" one of the very first films on partition said "We all know Jesus was beaten black and blue before he was Crucified, but do we have to see all the 50-100 times he was whipped to feel the pain". This is exactly what Mel Gibson did in "The Passion of The Christ", and it proved very successful for him, so maybe people do like to view things in detail. In my film however, I will not be paying as much attention to detail as Mel Gibson in this particular film. As my film is only three to six minutes long I must be straight to the point. At one end of the spectrum, directors use performance elements as pieces of the film's audiovisual design. ...read more.


From the beginning of Romeo's monologue in this scene to the end the shots are all close-ups of Romeo and Juliet. CU's are often used as cutaways from a more distant shot in order to show details such as characters' emotions as it is used in this particular scene in Romeo & Juliet. In closer analysis we see that their two faces are always in the same frame until Juliet awakens. The background setting of the scene is luxuriant, as the viewer sees when Romeo makes his entrance, but it is not included in the scene once he has approached Juliet. By excluding all other detailing from the shot further emphasizes the single theme here which is the sadness felt by these two young lovers. The theme here is not thoughtlessness of these youths or the clashing of social groups, instead it is the failure of a romance in the face of social disorder. Therefore, in the climax of my short film, I will exclude all other detailing from the frame in an attempt to emphasise my characters emotions. ...read more.

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