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Review, analyse and comment on a television documentary entitled

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In this essay I shall review, analyse and comment on a television documentary entitled "The David Beckham story". David Beckham is a tremendously well-known public figure. He became famous at the age of 19 when he started playing football for Manchester united. He is currently the captain of England's football squad and is a prominent highly paid fashion model. David models for police sunglasses, Nike footwear and has recently signed a contract for marks and Spencer's. David Beckham is married to pop star Victoria Adams who used to be a singer for the spice girls and they have two sons named Brooklyn and Romeo. David Beckham grew up in Manchester and from the age of 12/13 he was remarkably determined to play for Man united. He achieved his goal when he was 19 yrs old and it was then he became nationally famous. His life has been building up from then onwards and is now captain for the England football team. However, when things could not get much better he was offered a place to play football for Real Madrid and he accepted the offer. But unfortunately this meant he had to say goodbye to the Man united football team and many fans. ...read more.


Bryan took one look at David and said, "This kid must be a player". It was then on David knew what he wanted. His mother said, "He's not normal" he knew what he wanted at a young age. His father also said, "Not many kids know what they want at a young age but David certainly did. The makers of the David Beckham story such as the way the documentary is recorded used various presentational devices. It is although the viewers are interviewing the celebrities. We never see the cameraman and reporter being interviewed eye to eye, however we can hear the reporters voice. The effect it has on the viewers is like we are watching from behind the camera, it is as if the camera is filming on one side and we are observing on the other side. I noticed we see many close up shots of David when he is in the car going somewhere. I think this is done deliberately to show the viewers how David copes when he is out in public with the media rather than the way he is at home relaxing. I think such close proximity creates an illusion. However I also think the lighting used in this documentary increases the illusion of depth and intimacy. ...read more.


The impact these tattoo's have on the viewers is showing us how important and sacred these tattoo's are to David. David's best friend is Gary Neville. There is an interview with him when Victoria is away; he comes to stay with David. He says, " It is not nice getting on the wrong side of David". The director of the documentary deliberately shows photos of all David's car and fades out into close up shots of him lying on the sofa being normal because he wants to show the viewers that however rich David Beckham is, he still does normal things. Now I've seen the David Beckham story, I think he's not snobby at all and think he's a decent loving caring bloke. However before I saw the documentary I had different views on him and thought he was rather snobby and thought too much of himself. I think the makers of this documentary wanted to show the millions of viewers watching what a nice man David Beckham is and what his lifestyle is like. I think they achieved this because the documentary was very real and therefore it was not a rumour made up in a magazine. Overall I think this was a really good documentary because we can judge for ourselves what David Beckham is really like and what his personality is really like, rather than judging him by his looks. Sukwinder Roath 10mn ...read more.

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