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Review of a Magazine Front Page. My front cover is from New! Magazine. This front cover caught my attention because of its glossy cover

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GCSE Media Assignment Review of a Magazine Front Page Introduction My front cover is from New! Magazine. This front cover caught my attention because of its glossy cover and bright colours. The articles displayed on the front cover are very appealing and the titles suggest that you are being told things that you can't find in other magazines. For example, "The REAL reason Sharon hates Rebecca." I don't normally buy this type of magazine as the target audience is slightly over my age and I'm not as interested in celebrity affairs as the regular readers of this magazine. I chose this magazine because I thought that it would be more interesting to write about a magazine with catchy headlines and enticing colours. Appearance The magazine uses bold primary colours, vibrant pink and white for backgrounds and font, these are all eye-catching, attention-grabbing colours. The luminous pink gives the front cover some femininity. At first glance the main headline "Broody Jen's Breakdown" stands out more than the masthead as this is the part of the front cover that the magazine editors think will tempt the target audience. The words "Broody Jen's Breakdown" are written in bright yellow with a black shadow and the font is very clear and easy to read. The text is written slightly at an angle and, as the rest of the front cover is perfectly straight, this gives an impression of the words "leaping out of the page." ...read more.


Such as "My 28st lover is double the fun." I think that the front cover of the magazine appeals to its target audience because the stories it contains, the celebrities shown on the front cover are very significant at the moment. Right now people are particularly interested the main headline "Broody Jen's Breakdown" and would buy the magazine if they thought it contained "New!" information on the subject. The article "Chubby Chaser True Life", although one of the smaller articles in the magazine, could also encourage the reader to buy the magazine by being a topic that most people are morbidly fascinated by. For example, when I took the magazine into school to write this assignment, most people expressed there disgust at the article, then opened it up to read it anyway. It has a way of drawing in readers by being a subject that a lot of people find repulsive. The magazine is quite different from other magazines aimed at the same age group as most magazines have a more varied front cover rather than nearly all celebrity affairs. Normally this type of magazine has articles that attempt to focus on people's insecurities and offer solutions, using titles such as "The Bikini diet that actually WORKS, lose a stone in a month," or "Find out if he REALLY Loves You...Take our quiz." ...read more.


Contents The titles on the front cover are very cleverly written to only give you a small part of the story that makes you want to read more. For example "The REAL reason Sharon hates Rebecca" makes you want to know why they hate each other and "Why men never fancy me" makes you want to know why men never fancy someone who is considered very pretty by women. I think that the images and the photographs work together to try and sell the magazine, the photographs by themselves wouldn't mean very much but when next to the titles they can be manipulated to make Jennifer Anniston look upset or broody and Rebecca Loos look arrogant, even though the photographs could have been taken a long time ago when the events hadn't even happened. Overall Effectiveness After spending so much time analysing a front cover I began to appreciate just how much work had gone into piecing it together. Thinking up interesting titles, finding the right photographs, considering what the audience wants and applying that to the cover or finding the right colours and fonts and arranging them on the page so that it doesn't look too cluttered. I had never before realised just how much work is put into persuading people to buy things. I think that the front cover I have been studying is very effective in general because of its bright colours, eye-catching fonts, memorable slogans and juicy gossip...what more could you want? Kayleigh Wilcock Page 1 ...read more.

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