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Review on Silence of the Lambs

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Review on Silence of the Lambs Directed by Jonathan Demme Writing credits Thomas Harris (novel) Ted Tally (screenplay) I have watched silence of the lambs, and have gained an understanding of the movie, I will try to explain the movies aspects in detail, covering semiotics in the movie, the genre of the movie, also a review a characters, stereotypes the narrative and if it also follows common horror conventions. Being a cross genre of horror and thriller, the movie mainly consists of a complicated storyline about girls that go missing and as the story progresses the movie shows that an FBI agent gets called to search for the killer of the missing girls, as two of the girls bodies turn up, missing skin sections off the body. The main character Clarice starling must attain information of a highly dangerous cannibal called Hannibal Lector who is being held in maximum security isolation. ...read more.


In this movie however Clarice is aided by Hannibal Lector, another killer to catch Buffalo Bill who is the "bad guy" of the movie, this shows that Hannibal Lector actually does have a good side to him. At the end of the movie it is clear that Hannibal Lector is going to go after the doctor that mistreated him so badly, this shows that he doesn't intend to harm average innocent people, but just to get revenge, this indicated more to a sequel of silence of the lambs, which is Hannibal. Stereotypes in the movie are illustrated, however very subtly, such as the police men, when they go to a small town, the police men are very old fashioned, and believe women should stay in the home etc; this is actually a stereotype of how people think and act over in the real state in America. ...read more.


all the light, such as Clarice using a torch inside the storage room, however a torch could not produce that much light to light up most of the room, so artificial light is used so the audience can actually see inside the room. I think that the movie was more disturbing than frightening because the action isn't very intense and the fear in the movie is far too spaced out, a movie with more intense action which is closer together would be more frightening. I also think that because the characters have guns against the killer/s it makes the movie less frightening because there's a distance between them and the evil, whereas in something like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre the group of teens have no guns, and the killer has to get close to use the Chainsaw on them, this is much more frightening because you know tension will be built. Anup Sohanta ...read more.

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