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Reviewing Business Documents : Flyer

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Reviewing Business Documents : Flyer Name of document : The name of the document is spirit of summer. It is for Peugeot, this is a car company. The type of car is the 206 Independence. Type of document : The document is a flyer advertisement, it has print on both sides. Mainly an image on one side and more text on the other, giving prices and information about the warranty and service intervals. Purpose of document : The purpose of the document is to advertise and make a Peugeot 206 Independence appeal to possible buyers, and make people talk about the car. Software used to produce the document : On the front of the document the producer of the document could have inserted a digitally enhanced picture using an advanced image manipulation software such as photo shop pro or desk top publisher. On the reverse side of the document the text and logo could have been made also using desk top publisher. ...read more.


this contains information on delivery dates etc, this is the information that the producer of the document doesn't want the reader to read as it doesn't keep interest. The page also has the Peugeot logo in the bottom right corner of the page just above the smaller text, this is to take attention away from the smaller writing. Content Of Document : The document contains factual information. It displays a picture of the car. It has addresses of Peugeot dealerships and dates of offers in the small print. It also shows a minimum price. Good Points : * It has a picture of the car that it is trying to sell. This is good because readers might be interested in the car just off its looks. * It shows a price of the car. This is good because the reader then knows if they can afford it or not, which would stop people wasting time in the dealerships. ...read more.


* Lack of useful information, such as size of engine, whether or not it has airbags, CD player or electric windows etc. This would disinterest a potential buyer if the think that the car doesn't have standard new features. Suggested Improvements : My suggestions are add more colours, preferably warm colours such as red as it is supposed to be a summer car, and don't have as much small print, so only put what is essential as people aren't interested and don't read it. Also more information about the interior of the car such as CD player, air conditioning, electric windows etc and more information about things such as safety ratings and the size of the engine etc. Suitability for purpose : I think it suits the purpose because it is easy for people on the move like on a bus or train, and also is easy to read which shortens time needed to read. It also shows prices and a picture to interest possible buyers. WP/Review_ Flyer Ashley Dale 10PF \\cdc-01\home directories\01dale.A\I.C.T\Unit 1\WP\Review\spirit of summer flyer.doc Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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