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Sample Radio script

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Unit 27: Music Radio Production Radio Script * Smooth Fm National radio station, morning programme 9am - 11am, Mon - Fri * Two presenter, one male and one female: Lady D and J. Anthony * Show caption "Breakfast beats and friendly banter" * Show scripted for Monday: on a Monday the show gives listeners a chance to complain about people / things that have annoyed them over the last week - 'Monday Murking' * Chatty, informal with relaxed presenters, comedy On-Air Cue Sheet Title: SMOOTH FM MONDAY MORNING SHOW WITH LADY D AND J. ANTHONY 9AM - 11AM Date: 22/4/07 Time: 09:00 Seq. Element / Event Source Media Length Cues External Studio 1 SMOOTH FM JINGLE x Comp 15'' 2 TRACK 1 BLACK EYED PEAS - PUMP IT X CD 3'38" 3 TRACK 2 Joss Stone - Tell me bout' it X Minidisk 3'27'' 'enjoy' 4 SMOOTH FM JINGLE x Comp 15" 5 Speech Lady. ...read more.


Flow Dan how can u be cooking up the burgers and the ribs and not even send me a text?! 15 Speech Lady. D X MIC 3'' Yeah, cheers Flow Dan, nice one! 16 Speech X MIC 2'' (Playful laughing) 17 Speech Lady. D x MIC 4'' Round about now, its Lady. D and J. Anthony in the building holding up your airwaves! 18 Sample: Sirens x Comp 3'' 19 Speech J. Anthony x MIC 2'' Its SMOOTH FM! 9.67 20 TRACK 3: Damion JNR Gong Marley - Welcome to Jamrock X CD 3'28'' 21 TRACK 4: Jadakiss & Snoop Dogg - Shine X CD 4'58'' 22 TRACK 5: Kano & Dangermouse - Backing my boy x CD 1'59" 23 Speech J.A X MIC 4'' Its called 'Backing my boy' and its by Kano and Dangermouse, repping my UK artists to the max! ...read more.


D x MIC 4'' Okay, theres a bit of useless hip hop trivia for you on this glourous Monday Morning! 18 Sample: Sirens x Comp 3'' 19 Speech J. Anthony x MIC 11'' Its SMOOTH FM! 9.67 88222 is the text number and L.D.J.A@Smoothfm.co.uk is the email address, its Monday, and on Monday its time to relive your self, relive some stress and share it with us. If there's any one who has got on your nerves, been rude to you, made you upset over the last week, let us know and we'll murk them live on air! Send us a text, send us an email right now! 20 TRACK : 8 Missey Elliot and Timberland - can we get freaky tonight? X CD 3'28'' 21 X CD 4'58'' 22 TRACK 5: Kano & x CD 1'59" 23 X MIC 4'' Its called 'Backing my boy' and its by Kano and Dangermouse, repping my UK artists to the max! Megan Boyle and Arron Bessant 13GY Mr Panton Unit 27: Music Radio Production ...read more.

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