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Schindler's List.

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Schindler's List An audience most commonly explores in favor of the plot or story inside a movie. Directors are capable of intriguing the movie to an auxiliary point. Then the audience may perhaps find further details by looking closer. Directors apply symbolism for the most part to illustrate unseen information. Several factors participate into the symbolism of Schindler's List, which would be the music, symbols, and lighting. One factor is the music and how it can convey feelings to perspective through out the movie. Protracted and gentle music makes the audience experience pain for the Jewish people as well as trying to comprehend how they felt. While the Germans were filing Jews out of the "ghetto", there was a soft tune playing. This was sad because they were going to die and the music led the viewers to understand what was going to happen to them. The ending of the movie has a scene where all the surviving Jews paid tribute to Oskar Schindler. Additionally, leisurely music was heard here to represent the pain of the Jews. ...read more.


This symbolizes how the audience can understand one persons feeling. This provides the audience a chance to feel the pain of the little girl also. Towards the start of the movie, there are two candles lit that burn out. These are symbols of the hopes and dreams of the Jewish people. They all want to be successful in life and have families. By the Germans taking them away, this devastates their aspirations and annihilates their lives. Various material objects show how Oskar uses material possessions throughout the movie to get what he wants. In the club, he wants attention from powerful people. He then holds up money to buy everyone drinks. He uses the money to obtain popularity so he can later on use the people. Also alcohol symbolizes Oskar trying to get what he wants. He offers Stern drinks when he meets him. This is during a meeting that Oskar wants to pursue Stern to facilitate Oskar with his knowledge. Also the drinks represent the relationship between Stern and Oskar. Every time Oskar offers a drink to Stern, Stern thinks more about it even though it is against his morals. ...read more.


Also in the club with all the Germans, Schindler's eyes are covered by shadows. This proves he cannot see the whole truth and realize there is a war going on around him because his eyes are shielded. Objects are lit up to be evidence for the significance of them. Schindler's swastika is revealed in the light while he is introduced. This illustrates how it is dominance to him because it is irrefutable that the Germans were powerful in this time era. Each swastika exposed symbolizes power. In addition, money is a dominant object. The dollar bills are shown intensely while Schindler is retaining them. He makes use of the money for power intentions and to get what he has aspiration for. The illumination is fascinated to material belongings with the intention of bringing supremacy. Steven Spielberg, the director, used many aspects of symbolism, like music, symbols, and lighting, to make Schindler's List in-depth. The audience then could see foreshadowing and have a closer look at the true story about Schindler. Each and every one of these dynamics allocates the story and character to cultivate the plot. Schindler's List ...read more.

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