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School of rock review

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School of Rock Review Rebecca Darley You and your whole family will love the brand new film about to hit the big screen.. School of Rock! The lead role, Dewey Finn, is played by the legendary Jack Black (and I must admit, nobody could do any better) and direction is done by Richard Linklater, who appears to do an amazing job. After being kicked out of his garage band for the latest 10 minute long guitar solos, wannabe rock star, Dewey Finn must find a way to earn some money to pay his rent. ...read more.


Teaching children would not be the most obvious of solutions, but when Dewey sees his chance to earn some extra money, he can't get to the chalkboard quick enough! After a day of Dewey putting his feet up and listening to children endlessly begging for learning and education, he soon comes to realise that the children have a very special talent for music. Suddenly, Dewey's enthusiasm for his teaching job no longer is the centre of attention in his mind; spotting a peculiar way to put ...read more.


School of rock has everything a successful rock band needs, from lead guitarist to groupies, just inside the classroom. There's a feel good feel to the film, changing Dewey for the better, he learns to genuinely see the talent in the children. What impressed me most about School of rock is the hilarious comedy enough to make you wet your pants. Not everyone will enjoy School of Rock, and it's one of those films that'll require you to be in a good mood to enjoy, but if you are - you definitely will. ...read more.

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