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Screenplays - Although hundreds of movies based on books have been very triumphant, I believe that watching a movie based on a book really alters how the reader conceived the book.

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ENC1101 Angela Fralick Essay #5 Commentary Ever since the beginning of the film industry, books have been made into screenplays. Books that are made into films can be very popular. One reason for the popularity is because fans are familiar with the titles of the books or the author, so they become interested in viewing the author's film. Movies such as The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Torklein, The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum, and The Road to Perdition by Max Allen Collins were all among thousands of well-recognized novels that were best sellers before ever hitting the "big screen". (www.library.thinkquest.org) Very high numbers of authors that have decided to record their novel(s) as a movie have been very successful in the box office. Stephen King is possibly the most well known author of horror. Stephen King has produced more than 8 movies that have been based on his books, such as The Shining, Carrie, and It. Although hundreds of movies based on books have been very triumphant, I believe that watching a movie based on a book really alters how the reader conceived the book. ...read more.


One of the five characters was a small girl named Swan, hence the title of the book. After reading this book, I found that the book had been made into a movie. I watched the movie as soon as I could. I was very disappointed to find that many of the parts in the book had been left out of the movie. I believe however interesting the movie is to the author, if the movie turns out bad, the people who read the book and watched the movie may envision the book in a totally different way than they did after only reading the book. Before reading Swan Song, my favorite book was The Tenth Kingdom by Simon Moore. The book was a wonderful fantasy about a young woman from New York City who discovers that her mother is an evil queen from a fantasyland made up of ten kingdoms. When reading the book, I was able to picture in my mind what every place and thing in the book looked like. ...read more.


Many parts of the book had been left out of the movie for times sake. Being that parts were left out and I knew the parts that should have been in the movie, I felt that the movie was ruined. Although the book received great reviews, the movie received some not-so-good criticism. Todd Anthony of the South Florida Sun Sentinel stated, "How this one escaped the Lifetime Network, I'll never know." Ultimately, I feel that movies should not be based off of novels. To put my figures into ratio form, I would say that 2 out of 3 times I am disappointed after watching a movie based off of a book that I read. When books are made into movies, the illustration of a book should be left to the reader so that the way the book was envisioned by them will not be distorted. Also, a lot of times parts are changed or totally left out of the movie that were contained in the book, thus, to me, changing the story altogether. Novels should simply stay novels. Fancy superstars, lights, and props, in my opinion, do not make the words of the book any better than they were after I read them myself. ...read more.

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