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Seeking Refuge.

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Seeking Refuge The writer of the article entitled "Seeking refuge from the rhetoric" begins the article by stating factual information that he personally watched along with hundreds of journalists and witnesses the first plane load of Kosovan refugees arrive at Leeds Bradford airport. He then goes on in the article to express his own personal opinion of the events that went on to take place some months later. To sway the reader to his way of thinking he then proceeds to quote information he has found from another source to describe the conditions that surround this subject, he then quotes another article as saying that a "fight at a fairground in Dover resulted in a stream of anti-refugee rhetoric" from politicians and journalists. The writer then starts to use negative language that initial makes the reader feel that he is anti-refugee. He then uses statements made by commentators on this subject such as "Floods of refugees are swamping us" and also that this country has been "taken for a ride". ...read more.


showing that some do return home after a short stay to their own countries of origin if conditions change there. The writer then starts to conclude the article by making reference to how the refugees came to be in their current situation. He then shows the other side of the coin as it were by describing with factual information how one Kosovan refugee felt when besieged by youths he said "at least when they were attacked by their enemies the Serbs it was because they wanted their houses but when attacked by these youths in Britain it was for no reason". When first reading the article the first few paragraphs seem to suggest that the writer has a negative view of the refugee sent to Britain, but as the article continues he then goes on to show a more balanced view of their plight. He then goes on to conclude the article in the refugees' favour by trying to help the reader see that the refugees are not what a lot of the media makes them out to be. ...read more.


council in Great Britain, and that the purpose that it was written was to try to give the reader a balanced view by means of facts and some personal opinion the true situation that the British Public find themselves in and also the refugees. In trying to achieve this balanced view though the writer has given his own personal views on this subject. He tried to achieve this by showing that if people give the refugees a chance they will contribute to their New Society. In comparison I think this article differs from the heroines of history article in that this article is structured in a way that tries to influence the reader to the writer's way of thinking. He uses lots of emotive language to try to achieve his goal of changing people's preconceptions about the subject of immigration. He does this initially by being informative of the subject but then changes his writing style to being opinionated about the subject. In particular the writers own opinion.. ...read more.

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