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Shaw shank Redemption

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The Shaw shank Redemption is the sort of movie that is a true work of both art and magic. It is a work of art in the fact that it can so perfectly paint the picture of a man who will not relinquish the only thing someone can not directly take away: hope. It is work of magic in the fact that I was completely enveloped in it. To me this movie is also the one, which sneaks up to me. As for most of its 142 minutes, I watched unpleasant things happen to a man who clearly doesn't deserve it. For example, the physically and mentally abuses, sexual harassments, murder and innocent one been beaten to death. ...read more.


It is infused with the weight of wasted years, reminding us that we are granted but one life, and that to live that life in vain is a cause for sorrow, which defies consolation. There is a difference between living and simply existing, a difference many of the inmates eventually lose sight of, and it may just get you thinking about your life, and the fact that not all walls can be seen with the naked eye. In the movie I really admired and touched by Andy, as he never give up with hope. At outside, Andy Dufresne was a vice-president of a large bank but unfortunately, he was being convicted of the brutal murders of his wife and her golf-pro lover and was send to Shawshank maximum-security prison in Maine. ...read more.


I also admired Andy's courage as he managed to get them a cold beer after work on a hot day with the risk of been pushed down building by Hadley. In the dark prison life, he always searched for freedom and perfect life and he wanted to use his actions to achieve his redemption. I think of it more and more as a true classic. And I love this film, with a passion normally reserved for living, breathing entities, and the words it whispers resonate through the years, words which speak of friendship, regret and, most of all, hope. It tells us, in letters writ large, that our spirit will always be free, and when the closing credits roll I feel renewed, if only for the briefest of moments. ...read more.

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