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Should we judge a woman by the cover of her magazine?

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Should we judge a woman by the cover of her magazine? Certain presumptions can be made about the woman based on the cover of the magazine, however they can only be presumptions based on the majority of readers; not facts. It may seem unfair to judge a woman by the cover of the magazine she reads, but several factors can be assumed: that the reader is possibly shallow; that they have been subconsciously indoctrinated into the perfect body image world of celebrities, or even that they are reading the magazine for the sadistic pleasure gained from reading articles like the agony aunt, or the one advertised on the front cover about the woman who was forced to have a child. ...read more.


Also if the woman is reading cosmopolitan in order to try and look like the women on the front covers then she had better hope for a miracle. This is because in order for many of the celebrities to have and maintain such perfect looks, they have to have regular cosmetic surgery and they must wear plenty of make-up and even then the pictures are doctored on a computer in order tho make them look perfect. So for the ordinary woman who is reading the magazine or her to look like that will take a lot more than what they advise in the magazine. Also the magazine is a bit hypocritical because many of the issues on the front cover are articles like 'Break free ...read more.


Also the magazine doesn't just try to get people to read the magazine because on the magazine is a web address for a Cosmopolitan website, which no doubt would be covered with other such article and picture making women shallow and insecure. In conclusion we can establish that in many circumstances the woman who is reading Cosmopolitan, can be judged to fit into one of many categories, such as shallow, sadistic, even dependant. However just because there is a woman in front of you reading this magazine can you assume that she fits into one of the above cases, as often some women who are reading often pick it up to pass the time for example in a hairdressers, on a train or in some other place where there is nothing else to do in order to pass the time. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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