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Show how Genre and Narrative are established in the opening 5 mins of 2 films

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Show how Genre and Narrative are established in the opening 5 mins of 2 films By Rob Gillespie In the opening 5 mins of a film there are many clues to the genre of the film. We watched the openings to 2 films in the genre of horror and identified how we could tell they were horror. There are certain things that are in most horror films such as darkness and blood and other stereotypically ''scary'' things. The two films we watched were ''Rosemary's Baby'' and ''Frankenstein must be destroyed''. ''Frankenstein must be destroyed'' is shot in a very traditional way whereas ''Rosemary's Baby'' is very modern. In horror films there are certain clues that it is a horror film these are known as the presentational devices. These are the lighting and colour, editing, mise en scene, use of camera and sound; these all help to give effect in different ways. At the start of the clips there are the credits for the two films. ...read more.


The music at the start of ''Frankenstein must be destroyed''; is low, strong and typical horror music. It then changes to a strange unnerving zither music. In this clip, music is also used for climactic events. Sound effects are also used in this clip, the sound of footsteps on cobbles are used for tension. The noise of water is used very well to simulate the getting rid of the body. In ''Rosemary's baby'' there is the music at the start of the film in the credits this is a little girl singing but as it is slightly off key it sounds slightly scary and disturbing. Apart from this there is not allot of music in this clip. There are very few noticeable sound effects either. Use of colour is important as well especially in horror films as there are cirtain colours that are only really used in horror films like the colour black and dark red. In Frankenstein the colours used are generally black and red as what you would expect. ...read more.


In ''Frankenstien must be destroyed'' they use this shot, it is used when Frankenstien is about to kill the posh man who has just got out the carriage. The camera work in 'Rosemary's baby'' is not very interesting apart from the establishing shot of the city, where there's a very high crane shot and it pans around the skyline. The rest of the shots are mainly just tracking the couple around the apartment. Overall I think that it is very obvious that ''Frankenstein must be destroyed'' is very easy to tell that it is a horror film as it used all the stereotypical elements, whereas ''Rosemary's baby'' there are the clues that its a horror film are still there but they are more subtle. Though I think that ''Frankenstein must be destroyed'' is quite a good classic horror it is not very original and all the elements of the film allot have benn done before whereas ''Rosemary's baby'' seems more modern and original so you are less likely to think it will be scary and therefore end up being even more scared. ...read more.

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