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Showing emotions through music.

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Showing emotions through music For my personal project I have decided to investigate how musicians use emotion in music and how it changes an environment. It greatly impacts the environment we are in, it can increase or decrease tension, it can build up suspense like in a movie, it can spoil a moment easily by playing the wrong type of music, like playing heavy metal at a wedding. I will play you a selection of songs which show a variety of emotions and feelings. After a play a part of the song, I will ask someone to share their reaction to the music and the emotions that they thought were portrayed. If anyone else has a different view then please share it. ...read more.


I found this song to be happy, bright, the singer sounds excited about what he is singing about therefore you are drawn to the music because he is making it sound like the best feeling he has ever had. Have I told you lately is by Van Morrison, I don't know much about Van Morrison but he has sung many famous songs including My brown eyed girl and Baby please don't go. Without hearing the words of the song, I could tell that the song was going to be meaningful. It is a slow song, but it is not sad, but happy and celebrant. I Have Nothing is by Whitney Huston. You must have herd of Whitney. ...read more.


With the wolf at the start and the footsteps really help for setting the environment. TA TU, the famous "lesbian" girls from Russia. Their first song All the things she said. This song is fast paced which can show anger and frustration. It also helps the listener think the song is dramatic. Finally, Ex Girlfriend by No Doubt. Again, the dramatic introduction shows that the song is about anger, and frustration. It is a semi loud song, so again showing anger, because it is dramatic. What I have tried to demonstrate to you today is that musicians use their emotions and feelings to influence ours. As you can see the music I have played all have emotions, some may be subtle, but they are still there. All you have to do is listen and feel. ...read more.

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