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Shrek - english

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In traditional fairytale stories, ogres are man eating beasts and the prince usually rescues the princess. How do the makers of Shrek use presentational devices to reverse this tradition to reveal the ogre as good and the prince as evil? 'Shrek', although a fairytale, does not possess the characteristics and techniques which a traditional fairytale comprises of. 'Shrek' stands apart from other fairytales as it completely changes the tradition of an ogre being a man eating beast into a valiant knight. On the other hand the 'prince'-the traditional hero, turns out to be the scoundrel. The character 'Shrek' has analogous physical features and habits as of an ogre but the similarity ends there. The dissimilarity appears in Shrek's humane nature. The princess, Fiona, has been portrayed as a one who is lacking the traits of a true princess. The traditional prince Lord Farquad has also been shown as the villain who is gutless and callous. Shrek as a whole deviates from a fairytale, as it wants to cater to a wider audience as far as possible. By producing this film in this way, directors have also a brought a new era in animation production. Traditional fairytales use conventional portrayal of the princess being locked in the highest room of a creepy tower. The tower is guarded by a fiery red female dragon who is an obstacle between the knights and the princess. ...read more.


He fancies his privacy and is totally ignorant about the matters and concerns of the outside community. He is self-centred and is only concerned about living his own personal life and not getting into useless matters. Shrek possesses humane qualities and has the virtues of a good human being. This is supported by the fact that when the donkey bumps into him, Shrek stands up for him and helps him from Lord Farquad's army. Shrek has also been shown in a very positive light during the tournament. At the tournament he does not revert to fighting straight away, but prefers to work calmly. Shrek, rescuing Princess Fiona shows his valiant character. Later, his love for Princess Fiona is the confirmation of him possessing human qualities and not having a stone heart like a typical ogre. Donkey's relationship with Shrek develops dramatically over a period of time. The relationship with donkey influences Shrek to such an extent that he starts sharing his personal thoughts with the Donkey. In the beginning of the relationship, Shrek doesn't like the Donkey as they both are of a contrasting nature-Shrek is an introvert while the Donkey is an extrovert. However, while going to rescue Princess Fiona, Shrek realises Donkey's loyalty and friendship. Their friendship is so strong that Shrek risks his life to save Donkey's. Shrek's heroism is proved when he takes upon himself the duty of getting fairytale creatures back to their home. ...read more.


The audience feels strongly about the end of Lord Farquad as they have already witnessed his cunning and cheeky deeds. This film has presented Lord Farquad and Shrek in a very exciting and progressive manner. Shrek has been presented as not a typical ogre and has been introduced as a true hero who risks his life. He possesses humane qualities and can fall in love with human beings. He is only similar to typical ogres in physical features. Lord Farquad has been introduced as a typical villain. The animators have shown him in a negative light throughout the movie and have convinced the audience that he is not the typical young prince and is more like a malicious and spiteful ruler who oppresses his people. The film departs from the conventions of a fairytale but not to such an extent. The film contains traditional fairytale conventions such as a princess being locked in the highest room of the tallest tower but the film also departs from fairytale conventions such as the prince being the villain and the ugly ogre going and rescuing the princess. The film teaches a number of morals to young children. It teaches them not to judge a book by its cover and that appearances and images of people can be deceptive and misleading. It also imparts the important message that people should not be judged by their outside beauty but by their inner beauty. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sushant Goel Form: 10D Shrek Essay - English Coursework ...read more.

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