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"Shrek" messages within the film.

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Area of Study - Core Homework (Task 1) Part Two Animated Film - "Shrek" The animated film "Shrek" deals with issues and outcomes of avoiding change, but also ultimately conveying change is inevitable. Within the beginning of the film, Shrek is portrayed to be an intimidating, aggressive, cruel and lonely ogre who has no friendly form of interaction with any other life. He secludes himself from the world because he fears there judging views; Shrek without a doubt believes he is atrociously tormenting to look at, therefore hides his belief by concealing it under his aggression towards all forms of life. Through the opening scene of the film, where Shrek is within an outhouse reading a fairytale, with the typical ending line he read "... and they lived happily ever after", Shrek sniggers whilst tearing the page out and sarcastically says "yeah right, as if that's ever going to happen", this displays Shrek's unworthy attitude of life but also his pessimism is exaggerated through his degrading words and sarcastic perspective. Shrek tries to create fear towards all forms of life by indirectly degrading himself, through the depiction of a sign in attempt to prohibit any one nearing his swamp, he hand painted on the sign "beware of ogre... ...read more.


Repetition of the title "Breakaway" evokes the sense of necessity to do so; the word (title) is brought up throughout the song to persuade and lure responders to take the opportunity to follow upon a different path, to change from the usual and "breakaway". Throughout the lyrics of "Breakaway" there is also use of symbolism, such as "I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly, I'll do what it takes till I touch the sky" symbolically indicating the wings are the chances in life, and in spreading them your taking chances for change, to reach out and take the opportunities given/found. "Want to feel the warm breeze, sleep under a palm tree, feel the rush of the ocean, get onboard a fast train, travel on a jet plane, far away", using nature and senses to allow responders to feel and understand the symbolism within each phrase. The symbols exhibit unbounded, unlimited, free, vast, spacious representations of the incentives of change. Essentially the lyrics convey how the past cannot be erased or changed, but presently pending are the infinite choices in life that will allow change to occur in the future, because the past cannot be changed only the future. Part Three Change is a constant, and an inevitable within life. ...read more.


His change of heart ironically developed, without the pushing or pursuing for change. Shrek imminently masked his feelings when the reality of being alone was within obvious situations but in the end Shrek underwent his change unaware but grateful. As opposed the "Humans in Their Environment", the activist who tried distinctively hard to disallow change to occur to the environment (destruction of rainforest) received the worse and unexpected, his attempt in preventing a tree to be cut down by chaining himself to it, resulted ironically as he did not stop the tree from being cut down or did he save himself. The irony within both texts contrast how really that change is inevitable, and will always remains as a constant and "the more things change, the more they stay the same". The past cannot be erased or changed, but now in the present the power to change the future is within your hands, you have to choice to take on change and endure the consequences positive or negative. Change is the future; the attempt to force things to remain the same will ultimately still have change. Change has its definite risks and flaws, but essentially all 4 texts bring about my understanding that change cannot be avoided, and that taking a risk and trying varies comparatively to resisting change, positive and negative results will always depend on the situation for better or worse change will occur. ...read more.

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