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Silence of the Lambs - Climatic Chase Sequence

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´╗┐Amy Govic Silence of the Lambs ? Climatic chase sequence Story and production elements keep the audience on the edge of their seats during the climatic chase sequence of Silence of the Lambs (SOTL) which sees CS discover BB?s identity and pursue him into his underground lair. Inside JG house CS comes to the realisation that she is in the presence of the serial killer, BB, when the Death?s-head moth lands on the cotton reel. A CU reaction shot of CS expression shows the audience the moment of realisation. BB?s underground lair is a labyrinth of dishevelled rooms each realising something more about his psychosis. The first room that CS enters reveals the dressing room. Situated in the middle of the room under a spot light, reveals the ?human suit?. Initially CS is shocked to see the subject, first hand, before quickly realising BB is still on the loose. As CS continues to track BB down through the lair, she is on a downward path to find BB. The lighting symbolically gets darker giving each room a particular feel of inhumanity and insanity. ...read more.


When BB cuts the power and the lights go out CS is observed through BB?s night vision goggles. He takes time to covet her as she struggles in the dark. The camera work switches between objective and subjective. The last thing CS sees is Mrs Littman in the bath. As BB gets slowly closer to BB, an objective view is given as you see more closely, her expressions and fear as she tramples through the darkness. Diegetic sounds are sometimes heightened (volume) then fall away, as each room is entered, its own diegetic sounds are revealed and initially intensified to build suspense. The closer he gets to CS, the louder the score is, highlighting the danger she is in as he is watching her every move. The camera work conveys the major theme of voyeurism and reminds the audience of BB?s desire for transformation. Sound elements aid in the camerawork in drawing out the scene into real time. As BB moves toward CS, the string instruments crescendo, as though CS is pulling the increase in loudness with BB getting closer to her, ultimately reinforcing the dangerous situation and she is virtually doomed. ...read more.


It also gives the audience time to think about the closing (denouement). CR congratulates CS and says ?Your father would have been proud today?. HL calls CS to make her aware that he is still on the loose, however, he intends to not see CS again ?I have no plans to call on you, the world?s more interesting with you in it? as he trusts her to not come hunting for him, ?You know I can?t make that promise?, foreshadowing the next instalment and makes audiences believe that there could be a possible interaction between both characters in the following movie. He asks an important question; ?Well Clarice, have the lambs stopped screaming?? the audience is left to ponder this question as a conclusive ?yes? cannot be confirmed. The film ends with a continuous crane shot of HL walking from out of the darkness into overcast and naturalistic lighting from the weather, into a crowd (Bahamas) in pursuit of Dr Chilton and revenge; ?I?m having an old friend for dinner?. This crane shot effectively reminds the audience of HL?s freedom and draws their attention to the central character of the next instalment of the Thomas Harris trilogy; Hannibal. ...read more.

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