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So I can make it clear why Seabiscuit is about perseverance I wrote a short review of the film. Seabiscuit is set in the early 90's during the Depression. In my opinion the central theme

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Seabiscuit WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY. This analytical folio is based on the health issue 'developing life skills', more to the point, 'perseverance'. I chose the movie 'Seabiscuit' to analyse as it is a movie based on perseverance, and this is portrayed by all the characters. I believe perseverance is an important part of everyday life, for everybody, in every task. If we didn't persevere, many tasks would remain uncompleted. The movie, based on the book by Laura Hillenbrand, is a true story, and was released in 2003. There were four producers for this particular movie, Kathleen Kennedy; Frank Marshall; Gary Ross and; Jane Sindell. Gary Ross was also the director. So I can make it clear why Seabiscuit is about perseverance I wrote a short review of the film. Seabiscuit is set in the early 90's during the Depression. In my opinion the central theme of this film is that there have been people - from past times - who have been brave and courageous enough to accept that their social standings are as 'underdogs', and have fought to overcome all odds to achieve their goals. The story of Seabiscuit is the tale of four unlikely heroes', Charles Howard (Jeff Bridges), is a wealthy salesman, who suffers both personal and financial losses during the depression. ...read more.


After the race, at Pimlico, Seabiscuit also injures his leg, and Howard is informed that he will never race again. Despite the odds stacked against them, Seabiscuit and Pollard refused to give up. Both Seabiscuit and Pollard slowly rehabilitate each other, and race together again, despite the protests that Howard and Smith voice. The last race in this movie is spectacular, and shows the greatest perseverance that could have been achieved by these characters. Just when it looked like Seabiscuit was beaten in the home stretch, he ducked in between the horses in front and came away with a victory. This film shows how these men and beast overcome incredible odds to achieve their goals. I think that if everybody showed the perseverance that the characters portray, life would be much simpler. They never let anything get them down, and I dare to say that more people than what you would have at any World Series or football grand final today would have attended, and possibly nobody left the track feeling disappointed, but instead full of hope. In our daily lives, we encounter many times when we persevere, even if we don't realise this. When things go wrong, we generally try to find a way to remedy the situation, this is perseverance. ...read more.


Perseverance doesn't always need to be acknowledged, but if you look close enough at your own life you will probably see a fair amount of persevering. 'If you look in the mirror, the person you see staring back at you is probably a person who has persevered at some stage.' On reflection of the issue of "perseverance" which is shown in this movie, I have gained the knowledge that in even the simplest task, anybody can persevere. I had never realised that just believing in ones self and your goals is perseverance. I took for granted the tasks which I completed everyday as just mundane tasks, but did not realise that by completing these tasks was persevering. I believe that this movie is based wholly on the health issue of perseverance, as all the characters portrayed persevered through the hard times. I would recommend this move to absolutely anybody as it made me realise, as I am sure others will find, that persevering is a part of everyday life. I believe that this movie was about the relationships people have with each other, and the situations we find ourselves in because of these relationships. I will take with me the knowledge that I am persevering everyday, whether or not I realise it, and that puts a smile on my face. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 ...read more.

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