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Soap operas or 'soaps' criteria

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This work is all about soap operas or `soaps'. A soap is a drama on TV which shows various aspects of family, or ordinary daily life. Soaps include aspects of family life, issues within families are greatly used parts in soaps. With family life you can see people growing up, people's attitudes towards each other changing, for better and for worse. You can see families develop, falling in love, getting married like Nat and Barry in Eastenders. You get to see what the outcome is when one partner of a relationship goes behind the back of the other one, they have an affair. Eventually the good partner finds out the there are a lot of questions, will they stay together, will they not, what about the baby if there is one. Also what about the person the partner was having an affair with, what happens when the people around them find out. There are a lot of issues that can be raised by family life and an almost endless list of situations that can be created. These family life storylines are based around real life and shows good information and hidden messages to people, especially younger people about what goes on in life. They also show a number of outcomes and resolutions to help viewers. A soap is generally set in a limited location because as they concern family life the soaps stay around the area in which the families live, the house, the work place and public places like pubs or town parks etc. In Eastenders the work places are centred around the square like the arches for Gary and the Queen Vic for Alfi, Spencer and their Nan. Lynn works in the caf´┐Ż and Pauline works in the launderette. There are many more jobs such as market stalls and the fish and chip shop. Also there is the night club, Angie's Den. ...read more.


Being able to relate to a soap storyline or an idol character in the soap means that the viewer can understand the feelings and emotions with certain points in a soap. This relationship between the viewer and soap shows a bigger involvement in the soap for the viewer, viewers feel that they know the characters and ultimately feel for them more. For instance when Lynn from Eastenders didn't want anything to do with Gary after he got Laura pregnant. Audience members can feel for Lynn and sympathize with her after the shock. Audience members also might feel the thoughts of Gary as he knew he had done wrong and all he wanted to do was get back to normal with Lynn. This emotion that a viewer feels for the soap or a certain characters in one means that they keep getting even more involved with it and then become that character. If a character is happy, the audience member is happy, if a character is sad, the viewer is sad. This means that soaps have a big influence on people's lives and this is also what makes them so popular. Soaps are also popular because they often remind people of their own lives, happiness and sadness. Marriages, deaths, births or divorces often occur in soaps and a viewer can re-live their own experiences. Then the cliffhangers ensure that the viewer keeps watching even if the events of the time make them sad. This is also another form of the audience getting emotionally involved in the soap and it's characters. Cliffhangers are a major part of soaps but they are also one of the main reasons why they are so popular. Emotional involvement with the soap from a viewer and nosey instincts ensure that viewers continue to view the soap. This makes the soap grow ever more popular. I do watch soaps (Eastenders only) because it is very entertaining watching all of the confrontations that occur on the soap and also it's aired a good time in the evening when I want to sit down and relax in front of the TV. ...read more.


This week the main storyline is all about the affair between Nat and Rickie as it has been brewing up for some time now and all the TV guides say that they get caught together. This may lead to Barry finding out, or Nat may keep the person who sees them together quiet and to stop the relationship with Rickie. If Barry does find out it will break his heart and Nat would then probably want to get back together with him. There is also Jack to think about. This will create a lot of twists and excitement. Soaps play a major part in people's lives and can provide good, true entertainment. The can provide help to people in their own lives by giving them good ways and solutions to sort out any of their own problems. They are entertaining as they provide something to watch on TV at prime time which isn't some sci-fi drama series or games show when people win loads of things seeming very easily which is boring seeing other people winning things that you could use more. Soaps have a bad side to them also, the more a soap is watched by a viewer the bigger impact it has on their lives and soon people can get very emotionally involved with the soap or an idol character in one. This means that people's lives are sometimes ruled by certain events in the soaps. Also the cliffhangers force them to continue watching the soap. One the whole if a viewer controls their emotions and tries to get on with their lives instead of continually thinking about the soap then they are good as they can help you to relax and forget about the world around you. This is of course unless events in the soap don't remind you of events in your life. The less involved you get with them the better they seem and you get more enjoyment out of watching them all together. English Soap Work Brian Moss 9LW 2 ...read more.

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