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Soaps Opening Sequences.

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Soaps Opening Sequences I am going to analyze the opening sequences of two soaps. Home & Away and Eastenders. Eastenders is set in London and the opening sequence reflects this. The opening scene shows an aerial photo of modern London. The camera gradually zooms out whilst moving slowly clockwise. In the aerial photo we can see famous landmarks like the Thames River and the Millennium Dome. The Dome is fairly modern. This is done to make sure the viewer knows where the soap is set and that it is modern. The music during this is designed to act as a trigger to grab the viewer's attentions. So if a viewer has the TV on and is in another part of the house, in the kitchen making some tea for example, they can hear the familiar theme tune and come in to watch. With Eastenders, they also have a loud, heavy drumbeat because the music kicks in. ...read more.


In contrast Home & Away is set in Australia so its opening sequence is very different to Eastenders. The music is very different to Eastenders. Its faily modern pop music and it is very light and airy and sung by a boyband, which will appeal to young teenage girls. The music isnt heavy and has no great emotion which makes it very laid back and easy going, which may remind the viewer of being relaxed sitting on a beach, or on holiday. The song has lyrics about love and being close to each other, which could be about possible storylines. The lyrics wouldnt appeal to many males. This is very different to british soaps who dont usually have any lyrics atall, wish an exception to the newer soap 'Night and Day' which breaks this convention of british soaps. When the theme draws to an end and the title comes up on the screen the music changes tone and finishes by saying 'Home and Away' the ending ...read more.


They stop when the theme tune draws to a hault saying 'Home and Away' and the main title comes up on the screen. There are 22 actors i counted and they are of equal sex which will help appeal to both females and males. The charactors are shown near each other. For example famils would have each characters photos next to or very near to each other. This would help a new viewer to establish the characters relationships with each other. Anouther big difference to Eastenders is that Home and Away has a reprise. In the reprise they show a scene, possibly the last scene of the previous episode. Often the actors mention each others names which helps new viewers to understand better what is going on. In the reprise i studied they also established the profession of the characters in the dialogue, which gives a new vewer even more understanding of the soap. Home and Away would be better for getting new audiences because of this. ...read more.

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