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Social Effects Of ICT.

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Social Effects Of ICT ICT has affected our lives both in the home and at work. I will be examining the advantages and disadvantages of ICT in out lives. Advantages at Home Computers have removed boring repetitive manual tasks in factories because robots are being used for more often. At home we are now able to access the Internet at the touch of a button, and communicate with friends, family, and even strangers the other side of the world and it is far cheaper. Tax returns can be filled in and sent off from your home with minimum effort. You can now do your banking online, and transfer money from account to account easily. Almost anything can be ordered from the Internet with ease, and can be delivered to your door the next day. Shopping can be ordered from supermarkets, and their home delivery services have proved very popular. Also many people use their credit cards and other such cards to do their shopping. ...read more.


Jobs can be applied for online. Software can be shared remotely over the Internet, as well as documents and files. Shares can be also be monitored, bought and sold over the Internet. New jobs have been created due to I.T such as call centres that solve your computing problems over the phone. Companies like AOL and BT and many other companies that offer an Internet connection have also done very well, because of the high demand for Internet services. Also many people use their credit cards and other such cards to do their shopping. They can do this because of the communications between the shops and banks that allows the shops to take money out of your bank remotely to pay for products you purchase. With applications such as "video conferencing", companies can interact with each other from thousands of miles away. Employees will not have to travel to other countries to discuss business ventures, but can do so via a video link. ...read more.


Also if someone steals your credit card, they can easily spend your money online and the Internet makes this very easy to do so. People can also hack into someone's computer now with the increasing number of people with broadband. If you don't protect your computer with Anti virus software and Firewalls, people can gain access of your computer and damage files, or even spy on what you do on your computer. Peoples privacy is also being effected by ICT because the government store a lot of personal data about us, and can monitor us with use of the increasing number of security cameras that are everywhere in cities. Databases store all our personal details and lots of people do not agree with this. Overall, I think that the advantages of ICT over weigh the disadvantages. More opportunities have been opened up to us such as speaking to people the other side of the world very cheaply. Before the computer age, this was nearly impossible. Although I do not think that ICT should be put in front of social life. Things have been made easier for us to access such as online banking, and online shopping. 27/04/2007 ...read more.

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