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Song title : TogetherComposer : Pharrell Williams and Busta Rhymes. Year of composistion : 2002Year of release : 2003Performing resources : This song is made up of 3 singers and 3 musicians.

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Song title : Together Composer : Pharrell Williams and Busta Rhymes. Year of composistion : 2002 Year of release : 2003 Performing resources : This song is made up of 3 singers and 3 musicians. Instruments used : Synthesizers, drums, flamenco guitars. Performers : Busta Rhymes, Mynx and Rah Digga. This song was written about u guy who want to tell his girlfriend and his friends how much they mean to him and that he would never let anything come in between him and them. His love for his girlfriend can be seen when he drops lines like :- Baby I say, what people say We gon' keep it on lock from day to day Let 'em know that we both are here to stay So keep it hot baby, don't stop baby The next ...read more.


The rhythm structure of the beat is simple and understandable and carries the rhythm structure of 1,2,3,1,2,3 but as it's a hiphop song, there are too many layers in the song as the performer would be singing a totally different rhythm. The music to this song was created in an urban setting for just about anyone to listen to ranging from the rich to the middle class and for people of all ethnicities. This is because even though it's a hiphop piece, the flamenco guitars add a little latin flare to the whole piece. Gender wise, both males and females would enjoy the song as the chorus bit was sung by a female. I guess the composer of the song created it this way so as to be able to cater to the masses and to give a different touch to the piece. ...read more.


As quoted by Young & Rubican advertising agency's classification model called Cross Cultural Consumer Characterization, this song would fit for the people under the Struggler, Aspirer, Explorer and Reformer categories. As for the social class segregation, this piece should be accepted by just about anyone from any social class from students to even office workers and professionals. Be it for easy listening or to groove to, this song would cater to the varied needs of everyone. The other group of people who would also go out to buy the album which contains this song would be those who love the performer. In the case of this piece however, there are 3 different performers which means fans who are loyal and want to show their support to these 3 performers would go buy the album thus making sales much higher. Done by: Melvinder Singh AED0105X2 ...read more.

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