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Stages of the Journey in 28 Days Later

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´╗┐Traditions in British Horror: 1. Real subject matter 2. Shot on location. 3. Expressive cinematic techniques. Stages of the Journey ? 28 Days Later 1) Equilibrium ? Modern day society. Real subject matter of war violence and rebellion. Relative stability in the western world which is a big treat. Animal Liberation breaks into the Cambridge Research Center where monkeys are being experimented on and this causes distribution. Enigma - 28 days later. Cuts to Jim who wakes up in the hospital. He fears and looks for somebody else, contact for another human being. He begins to walk in the direction of home and realizes the streets of London are empty and abandoned, a sign that Britain has fallen to decay. Jim finds a column of missing people posters and it starts to inform Jin what happens. ...read more.


Selina, Mark and Jim decide to stay there the night because it?s dark. During the course of the night, Jim wonders around the house alone and lights a candle which alerts the infected. They break into the house and Mark gets infected. Selina kills Mark ?in a heartbeat?; she hits him about 10 times which shows she won?t hesitate to kill Jim if he gets infected. 3) Re-cross London and go to another point of safety. On their back they see flashing lights form a high rise block. They go towards the block of apartments and mount the supermarket trolleys where they find Frank and his daughter Hannah. They find out Frank is a black cab diver. Selina and Jim decide to stay the night. The next day they hear a radio alert for Manchester that they have the answer to infection and because they are don?t have any water. ...read more.


Manchester ? stop for petrol. Jim see?s the cheeseburger sign and walks inside to (breaking the rules) and sees a lot of dead people. He shouts ?hello? again and a little infected boy runs towards him, Jim kills him with the baseball bat which shows fight for survival. Gothic ruins, beautiful pastoral countryside. Jim has a bad dream about being abandoned. Frank comforts him and Jim calls him ?Dad? Road block to Manchester. They see Manchester on fire in the distance whilst driving onto the motorway. This shows society?s broken down and maybe they travelled for no reason. They stop the car when coming to the road block, they look around and Frank gets infected. Jim tries to kill but he doesn?t because he doesn?t want Hannah to have the image in her mind of Jim killing her dad. New characters are introduced. Stately Home ? meet Major Henry West, fortified. New communities are formed, new relationships are formed. Character arc of Hannah and Jim are shown. ...read more.

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