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SUGA Analysis

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AS MEDIA STUDIES SUGA Analysis INTRODUCTION When analysing a still an extract from a magazine as an As media studies student it is important that I take the three main key concepts into careful consideration. The three main concepts are; media language, representation and media audiences. It is important to do so as this helps to understand what certain features represent. These concepts and conventions are used to support the understanding of the audience, and create a meaning for the audience. The first key concept is media language and how it is used. It might be associated with something in particular e.g. gender or age, this is done so the target audience can relate to this. The title, 'snare a sauce pot ' is in big bold black letters, this is done to attract the attention of the target audience. Even if someone were not really interested in the magazine they would still be likely to read it, as the title is humorous. Next to the title is says, 'you've finally got him in your sights, but how do you get him in your arms? ...read more.


Underneath are the trap tips, which are another feature that attract the audience. Alliteration has been used again, on the words 'trap tip', this is done to put emphasise on the idea of getting the guy and keeping him. Along with the 'trap tips' there are also tips on what not to do, each trap tip starts of with, 'you'll scare him if ' and then gives a tip on what not to do, and then it says you'll snare him if'. Alliteration and rhyme have been used here to emphasise the idea of successfully getting your man without making the wrong moves. This again makes girls seem desperate and as if their lives begin and end at thinking about boys, and also makes us sound cunning. It also makes us seem inexperienced and as if we don't know what we're doing and we need some sort of guidance and as if we look at these magazines as some sort of a bible. After the first three trap tips the next sub-heading is titled 'sneaky side moves', underneath it says', 'cunning manoeuvres that will make him yours'. ...read more.


The second main key concept is representation. It is obvious that this extract is about love and romance judging by the pictures and the language used. The girl in the pictures is represented as being angelic and innocent, as she is wearing a white dress, which connotes innocence. The white dress also connotes purity and when getting married the white wedding dress is a symbol of the bride being a virgin and being pure, and so the white dress that the model is wearing is a representation of that. The way her hair is done which is in two pig tales makes her seem innocent, as mostly only young girls between the ages of four to about ten would have their hair in pig tales, this is also a representation of childhood, as when you are young you have to be guided or taught how to do certain things. This again symbolises innocence and also makes the girl seem inexperienced which probably explains why she has to be guided by this magazine extract as if it is some sort of a bible. The male model looks older than the girl he looks as if he is in his twenties. ...read more.

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