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Tabloid and Broad Sheet Comparison.

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Tabloid and Brad Sheet Comparison Both articles in "Daily Express" and "The Times" refer to the same story in which a light carrier crashed into a Milan Skyscraper. The "Daily Express" is a sensationalist tabloid and the "The Times" a broadsheet. Both newspapers use a different device when telling the story. "The Times" is more factual and descriptive whereas the "Daily Express" is emotive and dramatic. The different newspaper target their audience specifically e.g. the "The Times" has an older more sophisticated readership, whereas the "Daily Express" target a younger audience. They do this through images, headlines, captions, contents, language and style. Banners, headlines and captions have a great significance for a newspaper article. Captions from "The Times" are mixture of facts and opinions although they are less emotive, but they are very descriptive. Headlines do one of the most important jobs for a newspaper articles. Their job is to catch people's attention and the ones in "The Times" "My God, it's like New York all over again" are doing a very good job, they are very descriptive and a bit arousing. Banners from the "Daily Express" are very emotive and make a very strong effect towards the readers. ...read more.


"The Times" article refer to a story, which a light carrier aircraft crashed into Milan Skyscraper "night when a light aircraft crashed into Milan's tallest building". The Italian prime minister convened an emergency meeting fearing an attack similar to September 11th "Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister, convened an emergency defence and security meeting after the crash aroused fears of a suicide attack similar to the September 11 attacks in the US. Five people including the pilot in the accident have died "Reports said that five people had died including the pilot". The content is factual. The content of this article is typical of a broadsheet because the text is long, sophisticated language is used; it also has a political focus. The article in the "Daily Express" refers to the same story as "The Times". The plane crashed into 25th floor of Italy's Pirelli Tower. Everybody feared it was a terrorist attack. The plane's electrical system had failed and it was believed it was an accident. "Daily Express" tells the story in more dramatic and emotive way whereas "The Times" tells it in more factual way. The content of this article is typical of a tabloid because the style of the text far from simple they use figurative language to convey information in an entertaining way. ...read more.


Most of first hand accounts are from eyewitnesses. Tabloid instead of using sophisticated words to get readers' attention they give the reader a lot of gossip. "The Times" uses much more facts than opinions, this builds up a very strong effect and it makes it more realistic, descriptive and more dramatic towards the readers. Using this kind of language it makes it more suitable for sophisticated and older readership. This article is a typical article of "The Times" it uses more facts and more sophisticated words, which builds up a more descriptive picture in readers' mind. The "Daily Express" uses more opinionated text. It builds up a more realistic and dramatic effect toward the readers so it makes it more suitable for younger and less understandable readership. This article is a typical article of the "Daily Express" it uses a simple language and more opinions. The conclusion I have came up to is that the tabloids such as the "Daily Express" try to make their articles dramatic and emotive by using a lot of opinions and by showing images which trigger people's emotions, whereas, broadsheet newspapers such as "The Times" try to keep their stories factual and realistic by telling the truth and using facts rather than opinions. Both of these methods work extremely well for the newspapers. Stefan Krupez 11H ...read more.

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