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Technology used in documentary production.

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Technology Used in Documentary Production Cameras There are three basic types of camera: * Film camera (35mm, 16mm, 8mm); * Analogue video camera (Betacam Sp, U-Matic) - these became widely available in the 1970s; * Digital video camera CDv, Mini Dv, Digi-Beta)- these became widely available in 1995 and are now nearly all broadcast quality. The advantages of the video camera: Cost: * The film camera retails from approximately �10,000; the analogue video camera from �8,000 and broadcast quality digital video camera from just �1000; * The average cost of 35mm film stock for a 90-minute documentary would be around �5,000 while the average cost of digital tape stock for a 90-minute documentary would be less than �100. * The film processing and lab fees for a 90-minute documentary would be around �5,000, while there would be no such fees for digital tape stock that doesn't need to be processed. ...read more.


it can be fed into a computer system and edited completely within the computer. The programme can be stored on a computer and changes can be made to any segment of the programme at any stage of the post-production phase. The way that it works also means that there is no generation loss due to copying. The master edit can be of the same quality as the original footage, unlike traditional editing where there will always be at least one-generation loss. If the documentary is shot on film, it can still be edited in the same way. It requires the negative to be telecined to video, complete with the relevant frame information. This can then be fed into the computer and edited as above. ...read more.


can be stored onto a hard disc as digital data and then manipulated an infinite number of times before committing the final copy to a tape. Recent technological developments Steadicam: developed in the 1970s, this is the trade name for a widely used device that balances hand-held cameras gyroscopically, allowing for greater flexibility and fluid movement that is usually used to provide point-of-view (P.O.V) shots. (The corresponding device made by Panavision is known as the 'panaglide'.) Video Assist: this is an adaptor with a video camera inside, which is fitted onto a film camera. When shooting, the video images are shot simultaneously with the film images and through the same lens, allowing the director to review the scenes as soon as they are completed. D.A.T. (Digital Audio Tape): this enables crystal clear sound recording that can be synched to film or video. ...read more.

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