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Tecsave is a supermarket chain in an industry dominated by five large firms. It is currently second in terms of market share.

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Scenario Tecsave is a supermarket chain in an industry dominated by five large firms. It is currently second in terms of market share. History of Tecsave A sole trader called Robbie Peers in 1947 with one grocery shop in the midlands set up Tecsave. It became a private limited company in 1957, by which time the business owned 56 shops, all which were sited in the midlands. In 1965 it went public and by 2002 the company owned 187 supermarkets in various parts of the United Kingdom. To achieve and maintain top position in the "big five" league tables, Tecsave must be constantly looking at possibilities for future developments and growth and always take into account the actions of its competitors. Future growth will necessitate the use of all factors of production, including staff. Therefore, recruitment and retentions are import issues for the company as it seeks to ensure high level of staff and customer satisfaction. An important factor is that the majority of Tecsave's staff are part time. ...read more.


A firm's marketing department needs to know about economic trends, as well as consumers' views. Based on this information, they can put together a marketing plan, which will meet their own needs as well as those of their consumers. There are two general types of research: * Primary or field research * Secondary or desk research Primary or field research Obtaining new data for a specific purpose. The marketing department of a firm or a specialist research organisation can provide this. Typically, the data is gathered by face-to-face interviews, by telephone or by post, using questionnaires. This is called a survey. Sometimes potential consumers are asked to test products, and their responses are recorded. Field research has the advantage that the firm itself has control over the whole process. The disadvantages are that it takes longer, and costs more. Secondary or desk research This is the use of existing data that has already been collected. It can be anything from a company's own sales statistics to Department of Trade and Industry reports. Other secondary sources of information include journals, company reports, government statistics, and surveys published by research organisations. ...read more.


I will also gather this information and draw up some charts so it easy to spot trends and useful information I could need. After performing these researches I will write up my findings on Internet shopping and form a conclusion to whether or not Tec save should use Internet shopping to expand their business. Research Primary research Questionnaire The aim of my questionnaire is "to find out would an online shopping service achieve business growth for Tec save?" What is your gender? In which age group do you fit into? Do you have access to the Internet? Do you use the Internet? What do you use the Internet for? Do you use Internet shopping? Would you consider using Tec save Internet website How much would you be willing to pay for delivery? How far do you think delivery should be? How much do you think you would have to spend to receive free delivery? Where do you currently shop? Do you know If they offer internet shopping. Shop Internet shopping available Price of delivery Delivery range In my opinion how easy to use on a scale of 1-10 Morrissons Tesco Sainsbury Asda Marks and Spencer ...read more.

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