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Telivision Influence

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Is television a good or bad influence on society? A major issue now facing members of the public is television. Is it good or is it bad? Well television is in my opinion very good. For starters it is very cheap all you pay is the one off payment for the television and your TV licence every month. For the price you pay you receive a lot of information and entertainment for the whole family. Television keeps the children busy when you may want a bit of peace and quiet, whilst teaching them at the same time through educational programmes. Television also help to develop the Childs mind by showing them lots of different things and what not to do. Television provides lots of educational programmes for young people to learn and because there is picture people can get an interactive tour into whatever they are studying. It provides vital facts in all subjects such as, science, general knowledge and it even shows you how to make and do things you may not have been able to do before. TV is very informative and from it we can learn what is going on throughout the whole world via the news. There is current affair programmes and we can then therefore know where we stand in the world with regards to politics and our rights. ...read more.


It can show people places that they would may never be able to afford to visit in reality. There is an immense amount of sporting entertainment on TV. It provides endless hours of entertainment. It encourages people to come together in the local pub and watch a live sporting event. It caters for all sporting tastes and teaches people about the sport and how to play in encouraging them to give it ago. TV has many different dramas, films and soaps on each night and can encourage people to watch them. From watching things like this people receive a lot. It broadens their imagination and encourages them to talk about issues that may have happened in the programme. For instance in soaps they can put people in a bad situation and show the viewers what will happen to them, such as teenage pregnancy. This then teaches the viewers of the consequences of putting themselves into situations like this and puts them off the idea. Although I think that TV has a good influence on people and I have provided examples of how it can be of benefit. Other people would argue with my point of view and say that TV has a bad influence on society and encourages nothing positive only negative. People would argue and say that TV displays too much violence and television and encourages people to commit crime and carry out violence. ...read more.


They would also argue and say that TV has destroyed meal-times as people now have the tendency to eat their dinner at different times in front of their favourite show and they no longer sit as a family around the table, discussing the day's events. People would say that relationships between people have diminished as people no longer communicate as they used to 50 years ago. For instance people used to play cards, games, musical instruments and have fun and laughs together but people would think that this is no longer the case and people would just rather sit in front of a TV and take everything in. People may believe that TV has caused young people to lose their creativity and they are no longer able to think independently they rely on others to simulate things and entertain them. They may believe that TV has completely destroyed people's interest in reading books and has left a lot of people with problem when it comes to punctuation and spelling. Another main argument between people would be they think TV has too much advertising. That it creates resentment and that people want what they see even though the can't afford and end up in great dept which they can't escape from. They would say that due to advertising Children put extreme pressure on parents to buy very expensive toys/clothes/trainers etc. that they can not afford. ?? ?? ?? ?? English Coursework Shane McCudden 12D Page: 1 ...read more.

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