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Tesco PLC has an effective Recruitment and Selection however the are advantages and disadvantages which need to be considered.

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Tesco PLC has an effective Recruitment and Selection however the are advantages and disadvantages which need to be considered. Application Forms - Tesco handle application forms on the Internet on their site 'www.tesco.co.uk', using the 'PeopleBank Select' system. Here any application form for any positions at Tesco can be found. Each would have different requirements depending on what the job being applied for is. To apply for a particular job, all that has to be done is to complete the PeopleBank online CV, plus answer specific questions for Tesco. This in turn would then be submitted and stored on their database and in return a receipt would be sent to the applicants email address notifying them that it has been received. Filling in the application form in this way has its advantage as its cheaper application forms do not have to be printed or posted to the applicants who wanted to apply for a particular job. Its quicker as completed forms are stored on the database and can therefore make it easier to find certain applicants application forms in order to refer to them when required, plus they can be dealt with straight away without having to wait. ...read more.


However there are a few disadvantages. Some people may not have access to the Internet making it difficult to view the advertisement for the particular job, which may involve them buying an Internet server such as Freeserve or AOL or going to an Internet Caf�. Some may have problems in using the Internet or not know how to use it and some may not have a computer in which case they would not even be able to access the Internet. Shortlisting - Shortlisting is taken forward because it cuts down the number of application forms handed back into the ones which most fill the requirements, which is an advantage as less forms have to be considered. However, a disadvantage is that some application forms may be judged upon the way it is written e.g. hand writing. This in some case may not be necessary e.g. if the work is evolved mainly around the used of computers such as using the word processor. Interview - After shortlisting the shortlisted application would be invited to an interview where they are asked questions based on there application and Tesco as well. ...read more.


2. Tesco should also have job vacancy review advertised at their branches so that people who want a particular job can pick up a review of it and apply for it if they wish to. They should also advertise the job in a number of places such as job centres, newspapers etc depending on the type of job it is. A manager vacancy can be advertised in a broadsheet newspaper and a clerical/manual work can be advertised in job centres for example. 3. Tesco should make sure they know what is required of the job before shortlisting is taken place as applicant who may have the requirements may not be part of the applicants who are shortlisted or the opposite. 4. Tesco should place more interviewers so that more applicants can be interviewed and so shortlisted applicants can be dealt with in a shorter period of time. 5. Tesco should assess applicants during the interview as it would save time as both can be dealt with straight away/ at the same time. Thus meaning Tesco should carry the test at the branch where the interview is taking place which would save applicants from having to travel to assessment centres on another day and would save time. ...read more.

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